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Question regarding Shock Pulse DPS

Hi fellow wizards,

I've got a little question - I've used Spectral Blades (Healing Blades in PVE, Thrown Blades in PVP) as my standard spell for a long time now as it used to do a decent amount of damage (165% weapon damage) and I enjoyed going into CC.

Anyways, I've played around with my build a bit since the new patch (did they nerf force weapon by the way? Could get up to 400 k DPS but not anymore... oh well :) ) and tried Shock Pulse with the Fire affix. It does 195% weapon damage, not that much more on paper.

It's a bit of a bastard sometimes (only if you fight a single enemy) but the damage output is insane! With Spectral Blades I usually do around 200k damage when I crit but with those I get up to 700k. And without forcing Force Weapon as well, with that i should get even higher!

Could someone who knows a bit more explain to me how 30% weapon damage makes such a HUGE difference? It's even better than arcane orbs (which uses a lot of resources and does 200% weapon damage, basically a pretty bad choice IMO).

Thank you for any reply, I really appreciate it!

PS: Does anyone else always find Lamentations and Ageless Mights all the time? I've found around 60 of those (every second leg is one of those two) and it sucks! ;P
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02/17/2013 03:39 PMPosted by Turris
Could get up to 400 k DPS but not anymore... oh well

No but they fixed a calculating error with high end black weapons causing them to give you more DPS than intended. Useing a black weapon with high end dps?

The thing about spectral blades is that it hit multiple times per swing and each hit does not actualy do the full 165%, its devided into 3 hitts and they each crit on their own. each shock pulse however deals the full 195%. So you might be hitting less huge crits but still spectral blades hits more times per attack.

So it makes complete sense that you are hitting for 700k with 195%, but only 200k with 165% devided by 3, so if spectral crit all three attacks it would hit for 600k.

ps: Yes I too find too many of those belts. Gladiator gauntlets are my worst offender though.
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Thank you for your long answer! Really helped me a lot!

I'm using a black weapon by the way. Do you have any experience with using spectral blades and shock pulse? Which do you prefer?

Thanks again!
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No problem, I try to help out when I can!

Yeah actualy I do use both skills.

I mainly only use shock pulse for my archon build with the rune living lightning to refresh diamond skin and archon cooldown fast for archon downtime with critical mass. Works well when you dont have an APoC source to use in conjunction with wickid wind.

I have an alternate build I use with spectral blades but I really only use this build when Im bored of using archon or I play in groups on lower MP levels, since theyre slaying a lot of enemies I cant keep my archon up as long as I wish to so I go a spectral build instead. Usually I rune it in either healing or thrown blades. I would love to increase my DPS much higher or figure out a good build to use spectral in higher mp's though because I do really love that skill.

So really I only use both situationally and its hard for me to say which I like more. I havent really tried any shock pulse runes besides peircing orb and living lightning in a long time but now you made me curious to see how well the other runes do!
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No but they fixed a calculating error with high end black weapons causing them to give you more DPS than intended. Useing a black weapon with high end dps?

There was no fix implemented with the black weapons. They said they're aware of the bug and will fix it eventually but don't plan to change existing weapons when they do make the change.
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I use Fire Bolts with the Burning Axe of Sankis. Easily the highest DPS signature spell.
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