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Socket to me baby!!

I think its about perfect timing for some sort of "socket option" from our little jeweler friend.

Yes. This would hurt all the people who spent mils and bils to get their socketed EF or Calamity.

But what isnt going to hurt the greedy players?

This would add so much value to weapons and shine a new light on a lot of items. Heck lets us socket shoulders? Bind on account or not. Lets the player decide more what kinds of stats he wants and where. More vit in your gloves? Socket amethyst. Then you can bring new gems to the table for different stat increases! All res. Or particular res? Arcane only and bigger numbers to play with. 200 arcane resist might make some one think about using that type of gem instead of their main stat gem.

So now you can socket everything. You can actually build a bit of a char. Not a toon! Maybe even double triple sockets? Get those gems a flowing! Maybe each player can socket an item once and if traded or sold it can be socketed by new owner. Leave your personal stamp on weapon. Each item can be socketed a maximum 3 times? Limit the number and each gem per socketed weapon as to prevent over stacking? 2 of each main like emeralds.

What does this really do? Once all the rich cry babies quiet down and get over it.. this will give value BACK to the rolls on weapons. All the natural rolls will be of higher value and rare will become rare again. Legendary will be legendary again! Legendary weapons that need a socket or 2 to compete with others! Heck they need a good ruby jus to bump the dps up! Let the player do it. Put these kind of options in our hands. We'll save your items for you! We love them! Thats why we play this game! For the items!

Then you (blizzard) can introduce more gems/runes/charms whatever, and there will be so much more to build with and we'll have the slots in items to do it! Movement speed rune word in my boots 24%? Yes. This will open up gear slots all over the place! Crit hit chance rune word in your bracers? Yes. No this will not devalue crit lacunis, on the opposite. Maybe you want all res rune word on them? Or sure, more crit chance on your crit lacuni! Glass cannon or tank, whatever the player wants to build!

Please. Blizzard, save your items! We do love them! Let us help!
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probs in expansion, can't see it happening now.
would f**k too many of us.
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I've found a few weapons that would be awesome with a socket. I always keep the best one or two sitting around in my stash in case we ever get that ability.
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My thoughts.

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02/18/2013 09:24 AMPosted by Drittz
But what isnt going to hurt the greedy players?

02/18/2013 09:24 AMPosted by Drittz
What does this really do? Once all the rich cry babies quiet down and get over it..

This mentality is destructive to everyone.
02/18/2013 09:24 AMPosted by Drittz
this will give value BACK to the rolls on weapons

It hides substantive arguments such as this one. I'm personally sick of weapons being vendor trash if they don't have Socket + Crit Damage + LS + Decent DPS affix rolls. Basically the weapon has to roll nearly perfect just to be entry level viable. Sockets to weapons would help this quite a bit. And it would be MAX 1 socket per 1 hander and MAX 2 sockets per 2 hander. And all weapons that drop post patch would random a different affix instead of sockets.
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thanks for all the replies everyone.

@xrosseyed - great discussion going on there.

@zinqf - destructive to everyone how so? I would like to see the "playing field" in terms of gear/items enlarged and more playstyles/builds become effective. You cannot do this because we are forced into all searching and purchasing the same pieces of gear for each class to be effective in the higher MP. That mentality is destructive to everyone.

why make max socket 1 per one hander and 2 per 2 hander? get creative. make the max number of each gem be one per weapon/gear and have multiple sockets in pieces. This will make more weapons viable because the player can buff the dps with a ruby, give it crit or life on hit or both if he/she wants it. The rolls will still matter in the end, but this will help create gold/gem sinks and people will see value when a legendary rolls a unique affix or that rare with just a couple of the "golden rolls" will also be valued. It is a way for the player to use those lower level legendary weapons and armor. I think this just helps the "little guy" out more. the fresh 60 players. plus a lot more experimenting/build creating for the rest of us.

make the socket be a gold sink? paid for socket to be done to weapon with crafting mats and gold, once item is unnequiped, socket is removed and gem returned to owner. or destroyed! oooo gem sink galore. oh no! makes a player think. makes a player decide something.

the average joe/doe will ding p100 in half the time if he/she can still manage the grind. people call this a slap to the face to the original p100 crowd. seriously, if thats how some one feels they need to get in touch with reality. slow down in your playing time a little. it is just a game. we all want it to be better don't we? have another cookie and call a loved one or a friend to remember you are special. don't rely on a game to give you that feeling. heck if i dinged p100 before the exp patch i'd be stoked i was already 100 and didn't have anymore grinding to do! and that my friends can reach it sooner so we can all have max level chars and start on our alts!

or be greedy and selfish and think only of myself and how terrible it is that everyone else can attain so easily that which i grinded so hard for! i want to feel special! i was so special! i was cheered for in pub games! but soon.. i will be average again... this is so stupid. it would have happened eventually! other players were going to get to p100 too ya know!!! nothing of this world lasts forever. why cry about items and sockets and how it screws over those who paid for it already. move on with your life! make wiser decisions down the road!


i'm thankful we have a forum to post in and i'm not trying to post meaningless banter of any sorts. I want to see this game thrive.
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They would need to make it so you get rid of an affix. Be it random or not (I think random), since one of the random affixs is the socket.

For example say;

#### DPS
##% IAS
##% Life Steal
##% Critical Hit Damage

It would randomly take one and replace it with a socket. Either way this weapon would ROCK, but its end value is still random. Say it took the Crit Damage off, still awesome weapon, just cost almost 30 mil to add your crit back in :P
Took the Speed?even better,
Took the LS, well...maybe less awesome :P BUT STILL AWESOME
Take VIT? Instant billionaire...
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I don't think it should be random. It was random enough to have rolled what it did LOL. A little less RNG would be nice I think. That'd be a huge gamble and a lot of tears to be shed if we traded a random affix.

I wouldn't mind trading an affix by choice tho. That makes sense and gives a hard choice, in some circumstances, to make.

good imput tho! thanks!

try to take the AH and money making out of your thinking tho. instead put sheer enjoyment in there. you paid to have this weapon socketed. you put time and money into it. now enjoy it. once weapon is brought to auction, socket is removed and gem/gems returned, stats renewed. next player gets to choose sink a socket in? or not. How do they choose to socket it? what are they wanting to trade off for a socket? enjoyment by all without thinking about being a billionaire.
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Sockets are only really good in weps and to a lesser extent, helms. It will absolutely destroy the value of high end items(weps in particular) and make most serious players quit and make the causals happy for a little longer. If Blizz wants to implement sockets, it will need to be in ladder where we all start with a brand new economy.
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At the very least all weapons should be socketable via JC. A weapon without a socket and some other stats unrelated to this thread is quite useless. Considering sockets are so essential I believe weapons should roll sockets automatically.
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Bring on the sockets!
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@ace - make most serious players quit? doubt that. they will now socket their godly weapons even more, especially if they can run a dual socket in something that could only run 1 socket before. no one is going anywhere. a manticore user might cry, but he was going to cry anyway once a new weapon came out to surpass his.

@malevo - yes they are very essential (sockets). these unrelated stats (life steal, crit hit damage, to name a few i think that you're not) could then be put into weapons via new gems/runes/whatever. we need this socket option to be made available to us to help this problem with weapons!
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Need socket option!
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thanks for the bump @fir3fail :D

hopefully the right people will read this!
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Definatly an easter egg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wae9U8Ldv3M
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