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ammy craft

40 tries this best so far 28-72dmg 317st 96v 58ar 9cc wht the hell happened to 6th slot says str + 5 random ,dam so close
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yeah your 6ths spot rolled str hint you got 317..So your intial rol might have been 225 str but the 6th roll added another 92 str
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it say 5 random properties not 5 different stats. There is a difference. Blizzard combines damage affixes with each other and main stats with each other.

The affixes you rolled were:
Str (the fixed affix)
X-Y damage
+max damage ( Not sure of the exact max roll of X-Y damage but I think its higher than it can roll. If not it could be a could be +min damage instead.)
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I had tryed 47 times ... no upgrades :(
not even close to this one ...
im gona try until 100 ...
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Lolz....good luck with the upgrades
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right.i get it now
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Tha chances of rolling an upgrade for my Wiz, that doesn't negatively impact my build is pretty low, but once I get a few of the Str plans, I should be able to get some nice upgrades for my mess of a barb.
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@drayven i would give u that ammy if i could u could use it for that barb
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Appreciate the sentiment!

I gave all my old barb gear to a friend:


I was bored with the Barb and moved over to my Wizard. Now I've hit 60 with everyone and just need to finished Inferno with my DH (I don't care for the DH much though). I need to re-build my Barb and make him viable again.

In terms of gameplay, I think my preference goes:

Witch Doctor
Monk (really close to WD though, maybe a toss up)
Demon Hunter
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I would show you my amulet, but for some reason my profile keeps coming up as non existant. It rolled:

211 Int
60 Cold resist
766 Life on Hit
12% Life
55% Crit damage
10% Crit chance

By far the best one out of nearly 100 attempts. If that Cold resist would have been all resist or a big avg damage number it would have been really good, and the Crit dmg number could have been better. Of course it could have been Attack Speed and I would have !@#$ myself. I have played since launch, alot of hours, and have not had anything close to this in my own drops. I had a whole stash tab full of good sets/legs that I ID'ed last night and not a single one was a good roll. I have to go back to the D2 days when I actually got a good roll on something, which was a Grief Phase Blade with +397 dmg. I should consider myself lucky that I even had something decent like that amulet roll for me.
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