Diablo® III

Looking for Farming/XP/Uber Group

Hey all,

I'm looking for a group to play with as solo sucks. I'm looking to do xp farming (MP0 or MP1 are most efficient for me), ubers (MP7 or MP8 without carry), or general farming (items, keys).

I runWD with a zero dog build for the high MP and a acid rain build for lower MP and xp farming. Looking for someone able to handle MP7 or higher but mainly just people to play with :(

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u have cain's set on with 60k dps... im not going to carry u
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02/19/2013 07:47 PMPosted by SteLitY
u have cain's set on with 60k dps... im not going to carry u

I do for my xp/mf set yep which is why I stick to MP0 or MP1 there. I have a 0 dog set 80k or so DPS (which is good for dogs) which I run higher MPs. If I want to farm DE or plans (back when they were valuable) I'd do MP7 solo with minimal (mainly dumb) deaths.

I used to uber MP7 in a group with much worse gear months ago. I'm assuming, given the right group, I could probably do MP7 more comfortably or MP8. Sure MP10 would be a carry.

I'm not asking anyone to carry me. Believe it or not people might have different sets of gear for different builds or situations *gasp*!
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Hiya. I'll do ubers with you if you want. I'm lacking people too most of the time. I usually uber at mp7 and have not tried mp8+ (mostly because the people I play with don't really have good gear so I'm semi-carrying and also I'm chicken :P)

I like to farm alone but don't mind farming keys with you too :)
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Ill join you. It would be fun farming for xp, items, etc.

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