Diablo® III

Keep disconnecting? Read this!

Since a week or so, I couldn't count how many time my game crashed due to the connection. I have been reading this forum for the whole day and I couldn't find any answer from either players and Blizzard.

I think I found a way to stop this problem.

I tried to uninstall and delete every diablo III contents. I redownloaded the game client and then the whole game, since I use digital version.

GUESS WHAT?! I've been playing for several hours and didn't crash at all!

You guys should really try this.

Hope it helped you!
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you just reinstalled the game?
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Yes and it works pretty. I've done this like 7-8 hours ago and I am still playing at the moment. Not even 1 disconnect since I reinstalled the game.
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I just re installed I do NOT GET ANY d/c unless I am on my monk weird! But have not got but 1 recently!
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negative vote. Did same thing, still keep disconnected every few mins.
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ONLY TR MONK gettin d/c every other class no dc..
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This problem is more to do with AT&T routers dropping packets like crazy. For most, the installed copy of the game has nothing to do with it.

Since I haven't been able to play at all due to this stupid problem, I have been doing extensive research into how this stuff all works.

In fact, I don't buy the Verizon/FIOS thing either from what I have been reading/seeing.

I, and many others, are not through Verizon/FIOS, but still show the same connection problems in the same exact places...AT&T routers.

Unfortunately, this is not an end user issue, nor is it explicitly a Blizzard problem. However, this problem is locking a lot of people out of not only D3, but WoW as well.
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Its half client maybe half blizz idk cause now its not doing it it happened last night it only happens on this one build/char.
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