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Best Demonic Essence Farming Route Guide!

Hello again! I'm back with an amazing Demonic Essence farming route, this route's by far the best you can take as it has the most guaranteed elite packs! So be sure to check it out and leave any feedback here on the forum and I'll do my best to get back to you!

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Fixed. YouTube settings went crazy!
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100% working now!
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Nice guide!

Your number of elites in the VOTA is a little off though unless I've been extremely lucky. I average 8 elites, less often I get 7 or 9 but the majority of time its 8.

I also do not find the black canyon mines and road to alcarnus worth the time. The black canyon mines might be a wash but road to alcarnus usually doesnt net me any elites. I average no less than 40 per hour just doing VOTA runs and I clear the whole area for legendarys. I did an hour adding these 2 areas and averaged 33, probably would need to do a couple more hours to make sure but it doesnt appear to me to be worth it. Just my 2 cents.
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hey, that route looks familiar lol


When I was building a demonic essence run I actually did a lot of testing between just VoA and then adding in new areas to see if it would increase or decrease the efficiency of only running VoA. I found that in VoA I was getting 1 elite kill about every 15-30 seconds at best and sometimes had a 40+ second run to the next elite. This was with sprint and doing an efficient path around the zone as seen in my thread. When going to BCM I would be able to maintain the same 15-30 seconds elite timer and if 3-4 elites spawned I could get an elite kill every 5-10 seconds. This would increase my Elites per hour pretty drastically. The same thing with Road to Alcarnus.

Knowing how to run around Black Canyon mines and Alcarnus efficiently is what makes them very good. If you don't path them efficiently you can slow yourself down
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i got over 1k of this things.... and idk wut to do with this... why u guys want it so much?
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Working on a 2nd guide with different routes now :)
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what is VoA? i can't access youtube so can you please just tell me whater MP level, what act, what level, where to teleport and what other info is needed

thanks =)
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Voa or VotA which stands for Vault of the Assassin. It's a dungeon in Act 2, 8th Quest that you access from the Desolate Sands. MP level is whatever you can handle while still being fast. I'd start with 2 or 3 and work your way up from there. I'd say no more than 5-10 minutes a run would be ideal.

Good spots to farm DE are one's with highest concentration of elite packs. VoTA would be #1 followed by a few others

-Black Canyon Mines
-Road To Alcarnus
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