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Random Network Disconnection After 1.07 Patch

PS. The game runs like butter without having to process sound... BUTTER..
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tried without sound.... still disconnected
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bump - Mine is also getting disconnected like every 30secs while I am in the AH...
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For the past couple of days i've been getting frequent network disconnects also. Bump so blizz hopefully addresses this issue.
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Yep, also had this start on me yesterday. Very annoying as it always happens after I have 5 stacks. It is not an wireless issue as I do not have to log back into the game like I do when my internet cuts off.
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It started with increased latency. Long pauses, character going nowhere, or running but not being able to pick up gold or fire weapons. This evening, I can't go more than a minute without being disconnected. Before checking the forums, I tried everyone short of a new router. Everything else works fine but this game.
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Disconnects still happening, wired connection, my connection stays up, this is the only game that does this, since the patch. Playing a whirlwind barb, doesn't happen on any other character, seems it happens when I began to start whirlwinding, just a network disconnect.
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Happened again, Network Disconnect

"The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected from the server"

Time to go play something else, I doubt this issue is even being looked at.
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happens anywhere from 5-20 mins into my farm runs. d/cs me at 5 stack or as im going to loot egendaries. seeing it happen to alot of WW barbs. kinda starting to piss me off
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Yeeahp, still again, today, more disconnects, actually got a 3007 today where the game kept going, even got a stack while it was 3007 because my companion killed the champ pack. Left to run errands, got back home, running with the barb, first try, 5th stack, leaving the dungeon, network disconnect. Played my demon hunter for over 3 hours last night without error, and the monk now for a run, no problem. Girlfriend is playing games right next to me, no problem. Whirlwind barb can't play.
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im having the same problem did anyone figure this out?
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iv turned down my foreground fps to around 80 instead of the 150 it was set to. havent had a D/c in almost a day
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i've started a topic without seeing that one. Since I have the same problem I thought I'd copy my post over here to stir things up a little:

Would you please do something about disconnects on your part.

I just lost 2 HC chars (one at paragon 3) due to blizzard disconnects. Yes I do understand the terms of hardcore and I am the first to admit when I killed my char due to stupidity, but when you kick me out of a game at least have the decency tp kick my character out with me and don't let them stand there to take the abuse for 10 sec.

And just to clarify I am not talking about router or connections issues, but pure and simply "you've been disconneted from the server" message with an intact internet connection.

There's been several games in the past that have shown how it's done. I am no programer, but I would assume it can't be to hard for a studio like yours.

This is taking all the fun out of hc :/
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I still ONLY get it when I am in the AH, browse for 1-3mins and dc over and over but ONLY in the AH.. so weird.


keep the topic alive
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I've been having the same exact issue since january, no fixes yet.. and as another poster stated, they list all of the "connectivity" FAQs then tell you there's nothing left for them to do. I've just stopped playing... what's the point if the moment you get 5 stacks you get dc'd and lose them? No other games have issues, been playing Path of Exile flawlessly might I add.
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bump, bump, bump

It is so irratating that game that wants you to sit and play hours on end......doesn't let you!

First it was the ridiculous lag spikes that have cost me thousands of gold due to deaths, now I get 5 stacks and DC. I can log into any other game and play without issue. Currently sittng at Paragon 53 and have been now for days, not by choice.

This has been happening as recently as yesterday where running the infamous Act III Keep Depths. I would clear the first 2 levels and DC. This happened 3 times before I got fed up and quit. I've talked to comcast, done a speedtest and monitored the router.....For once, Comcast has nothing to do with this!

Blizzard how many threads will this take for you guys to fix the issue? Hot on the heels of your big Playstation announcement that you can play offline! I'm assuming this is to prevent people from coming to the forums to complain about this issue and in turn, never buying the game....? Seems likely.

Just address the issue whether you can fix it or not! Staying silent about it, blaming it on the internet providers and continually shuffling us to the same avenues of support (none of which work) makes you guys look like clowns. You know there is an issue and we know there is an issue however, we paid you for this game....you didn't pay us! Take some accountability
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Same here on europe server. Random disconnects on WW barb. Can't make it through an area without being disconnected :( I am on wired connection, had no problems before latest patch...
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It is happening so often for me that the game is simply unplayable now... I have checked everything that could be causing the problem on my end...
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I have lvled every toon to 60....and can play everyone of them up to mp8 easily ....EXCEPT...drum roll please.....My WW Barb....after 1.07....I can't even do mp0 solo just walking around....it has NOTHING to do with WW....(even though that's how she's set up)...I can be standing still....running....WW'n.....talking to an NPC..there's no pattern to it....once disconnected...I can hop on any other toon...(usually my monk)...and play non-stop for hours....if I want to....solo, 4 player games....with all settings cranked up....

Come on Blizz...this is obviously a problem...and from the forum posts that I'm reading 90% of the disconnect problems revolve around the Barbarian....so uh...yeah....
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