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Random Network Disconnection After 1.07 Patch

This is the same issue as the "Error 3007" threads, seems to be pretty widespread, it's worse than ever for me this week too :/
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"Network Disconnect" "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server."

Each time I get into a game and start playing. This started happening about three hours ago. does anyone know how to solve this !@#$?!
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I have been having the same problem as everyone else in here with "Network Disconnect" and "Error 3007" but they only started today. I connect with a cable to my modem so that isn't the problem either like some people said about their wireless. Would be great to get some official feedback at some point from blizzard as to how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance
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same, started today
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Is there anyone qualified to tell me when will this !@#$ stop and when the game will be playable? Or is this forum here for nothing?
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It's same thing with WoW, has to do something with internet providers with Blizzard games, they are currently looking into it.
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Finally an answer... Thanks
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so it's got nothing to do with my own computer? because I've been having the same problem.
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Blizzard fans were the ones who got them here in the first place. However This dissconnect thing is a pain in the aese.BLIZZARD accomidate your customers and make more game servers ffs please
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Happens to me as well. Maybe a dead thread but it's worth bumping
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I am playing side by side with a friend using an older macbook and his is not experiencing disconnect issues or the lag I am experiencing... I'm getting pissed off.
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Why haven't they fixed this yet?? I've had it for weeks now, and clearly I'm not alone. They'll take our money, but they can't fix their broken code.
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aaaaaaand ITS BACK!!! LOL!!!!!! ive had it since 2 days ago, and its ridiculous what the !@#$.. did i just waste $40 on a game thats gunna keep kicking me out and losing progress?
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Same. Started with RoS.
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I am disconnecting CONSTANTLY during the day. Not as much at night, but still some.

Unplayable at the moment. I have comcast internet, Boston.

It's only this game, i can play hearthstone without d/c'ing but when I get on D3, it's guaranteed to d/c

and my whole internet goes out and have to restart modem. This doesn't happen in other games, so that might tell me it might not be the internet.
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