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BOA: Goodbye economy

02/18/2013 09:01 AMPosted by PointBlank69
LOL @ (GREAT) amulets being bought at 10mil, just for giggles i checked AH for a good amulet upgrade, all GOOD not even BiS where all 120m+ .......

SO MUCH THIS. Where are all these amazing amulets for 10 mill? Yes, the market is down, but it's been down for months. Great items get cheaper everyday, as more great items are found. When has it ever been different?
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I said goodbye to the economy a long time ago by not using either of the AH's. It's a better game for doing so.
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The Auction house is a WoW mechanic, and it worked in WoW because you could not acquire BiS gear via the auction house.

If you want the WoW mechanic to exist in D3, then it must absorb the whole mechanic (BoA gear), or else it sinks the economy. Guess what, the economy sunk, long before BoA gear was even thought of... go figure.

You can't have it both ways.. if you don't want BoA gear, then the AH must go as well.

Following items not worth picking;


The following items could potentially be upgrades for 99% of the people.. so what are you talking about exactly? Do you think everybody crafts BiS gear on their first try? Do you think they have the gold to continue to craft?

OP.. how much gold do you think the average person is walking around with in D3... this should be fun.....
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I just sold something on the rmah...economy is just fine
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02/18/2013 01:46 AMPosted by prod
Great amu's can now be bought sub 10 mil on AH.

I don't see the problem.
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I needed a game to enjoy not an economy to run, anyway. Sucks to be hoarding items, I guess.
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Thank you Blizzard for making my 1.3 bil gold collection in good amulets worthless overnight. Great amu's can now be bought sub 10 mil on AH. Thank god it did not cost 100's of hours playing - that would be a shame.

I don't have time to read through the pages, but did the OP ever back up this statement by show what kind of "good" amu's can now be bought sub 10m? How much were those worth pre-1.07?
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02/18/2013 09:48 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
I played D2 for about 2-3 years. I had every single item in the game drop at least once. That is a conservative number. The actual number was usually much higer than one.

Unless you were a botter, you are a liar.

What you claim is statistically absurd.

I agree., I played D2 from day 1 for 10 years and never came close to finding every item in the game. And never heard of anyone doing that in so little time. No Way Statistically or Legitly Feasible .
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Welcome to the cryers club. Most of the ppl dont give a f*** to the economy. And if you are in this game from the begining, you known every patch the price of items drops drasticaly patch to patch. But im happy with the new crafting system, now the ppl that are not botters/flippers/multiboxers can feel a bit rewarded for spending his time in this game.
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still no endgame
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Considering your average ingame efforts for gathering gold can't really get you up to those 500mill some people list their stuff for unless you're monumentally lucky, i'd say boa items are a good option for those of us not willing to get ripped off by AH tycooners, specially if you choose to not flip2win. I didn't buy this game to play the auction house, anyways. You're just angry because you no longer get to easily rip off people with overpriced stuff.

It is funny though, that you defend trading and try to bash the AH. What's wrong with this game isn't the AH, it's loot revolving around it. As a trading system, it's a phenomenal evolution from the archaic bartering system D2 had. You're essentially doing the same thing, trading for stuff. If you actually hated the AH so much, you wouldn't be crying about how BOA supposedly stuff killed the economy in the first place, so i'm afraid your argument lacks consistency.

Well put. Nothings changed in method. Just in ease of use. :D
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No pOint in arguing with OP...he will simply reply with...not enough elite kills to have an opinion.....

I don't rely on the AH to play this game...I use ...but don't need it.....

I have 20 mil on SC which will prolly sit idle now......
And 800K in HC (which is more fun)....

Crafting BOA is the best and I haven't even crafted anything cause I switched to HC.....and its gonna be sweet when I hit 60 because it will be a fresh start to grind for gear OR mats....
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I had a ammy worth 130 mil before the patch - 1st day I get an upgrade spending about 8 mil - I luckily sold it for 25 mil ... There's a risk - and it cost me the gold I spent - but I got an upgrade - and I will get another one soon ... I hope BOA killed the bots - that's for sure. cheers
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I'm struggling to understand how making crafted amulets NOT BOA would do anything other than completely destroy the market for that gear slot.
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According to Blizzard, the botting has been dramatically decreased. Also, the topic author said that theres no use to pick up ammy/bracer/glove etc anymore which is complete rubbish.

Crafted bracers will not be best in slot compared to a nice rolled lacuni bracer.

Gloves of course they going to be best in slot, because there is no leg/set item out there for end game glove equip hence the highest iLvl trifecta rolled glove wins.

Chest armors, legendary is best in slot for all classes end of story.

Ammys same goes here, high Ilvl rolls and you can ensure that you are only rolling the specific stat you require.

Who cares if it has ruined the economy or whatever you are claiming. There are a ton of us who have been here since day 1 release that have never seen over 100mil gold at 1 time or even got a drop worth value. so hush it, your just complaining because the rich want to get richer while us poor unlucky folks dont have crap to show for our 700+ hrs playtime spread across 3 lv 60 chars and 2 of which are paragon 50++
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I got news for anyone who is loving their "collection"...if it is going on AH and not selling than your collection is overpriced...sell the stuff before expansion or an upcoming major patch like the previous one...because you know the new uniques are going to make the current best look mediocre...

I sold all my extra rare ammy's and gloves weeks before the patch I didn't care if I only got 20k for them...it's better than merc price an they will be worthless anyways. It shouldn't be to hard for people to keep on top of this...it's like failing at insider trading when you know changes are coming...
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Anyone with half a brain playing the PTR could have foreseen this and SOLD OFF their stuff in the weeks before the patch hit live.

I was lucky enough to realize and sold 2 amulets and 2 different vile wards while they still had higher value than what it would be now.

Sorry OP, better luck next time.
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Last thing Blizzard should be worried about it the economy of D3, players will dictate what is good and what is worthless, numbers will adjust and thus a new economy will be created.
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