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Demon Hunters need buffs.

02/20/2013 08:19 AMPosted by Ignatius
Trying to balance a class to compete with a perma-god mode ability is just never going to happen and would create serious issues.


Archon should not be used all the time. That the kind of skill made for hard situations. You should not use it except to save your !@# some times to times. You have to choose if you use it or try to save it for later because of a big cool down. But if it is possible to achieve PERMA archon you have a "perma-god mode". That is the same with PERMA berseker, PERMA freeze, infinite resource. All make it difficult (or impossible) to achieve good enough balance.
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02/20/2013 08:30 AMPosted by CyLaNt
Also the DH has BABE (boar companion) This little SOB is pretty valuable because of the life regen/15% resist and the fact that it can take some punishment. (not sure how much at MP 9 and 10 though

The Boar is the biggest joke in the game. If the DH needs anything buffed it would be the Boar.

Condottiere dude you are so right i cant point a single mistake in your post, i was playing with a few friends and one of then was a monk and he had 130k dps and he was doing so much better than me (a 180k dh), i felt like the leech in my party the only good thing was my stuns with lightning bolts wich is plain sad, i really hope they do something about it.

pd: great post man!

If you feel like a leech then you are a leech. But this is not Blizzards fault to fix, it's your problem to fix. You have no defense so your wasting more time trying to stay alive instead of killing.
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I agree. My 320k dps DH is less efficient than my 100k dps wizard at mp7+.
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I'm cool with buffing DH's but I can farm mp8 and 9 with my build just as fast as most simlarly geared barbs.
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02/19/2013 08:47 PMPosted by DarkKnight
i say increase attack speed of dhs

Your class has the highest attack speed in the game but most CHOOSE to use slow manticores and epeen about their sheet dps which much like the reddit post says amounts to nothing. I knew this about DH's long long time ago that they're nothing but sheet peeners who are destined to do low mps for the rest of their game playing lives with horrendous and I mean non-existent group utility.

That combo alone makes me never group with DH's, luckily no one on my friends list seems to play one.
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@ Slay

The Boar is the biggest joke in the game. If the DH needs anything buffed it would be the Boar.

That may be your opinion but compare it to the rest of the companions. 15% is 15%. Life regen is defense as well. Look at it this way 155 life per second may not be huge but stack with a good vile ward/nats boots and ring and your life regen is about 700/sec. (most DH use this stuff) Couple that with lifesteal from gloom and a decent weapon it becomes difficult to die.

But if we look at just that 700 lps regen. Say you get hit with 100K shot. Your AR reduces by .75 and your resists by .7. This leaves you with 7.5K of damage. The 15% from the boar will lower that to about 7200 and your overall life regen takes it down to 6500. This is about another 14% damage reduction in total. Not saying the boar is the savior here but it has a purpose.
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play hardcore. and you won't have to worry about this problem :D
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sacrifice some of your 700k dps for some all resist and armor, trade in steady aim for perfectionist, put down a guardian sentry, get a weapon with default life steal if you cant perma-gloom, and just stand there, let them surround you, your bolas shots will have maximum effectiveness, allowing you to easily sustain your health while you stand there, drop ST-EB at your feet and watch your traps melt them.

i am able to do MP7 like this on a 100mil budget and rarely die, im sure you filthy rich 20B guys can fare a little better.

moral of the story? sheet dps means crap, glass cannons will fail, man up and stack some defense.
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my friends boar always outlasts my zombie dogs. or are we not supposed to mention the wd because this is a four class game and one of the 4 needs a buff?
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02/19/2013 09:04 PMPosted by Kupo
That's not a player damage buff, which is what the post implies.

The flesh is weak (First rune of Exploding Palm) increases damage taken by 9% during its' duration.
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they need to bring mystic back to enhance useful buff on my Manticore
**** Witch Doctor skill on crossbow
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Personally, I find the OP to be extremely well thought out and reasonable. As a DH with almost 950 hours and having played since 1.02, I've many times felt that to keep up with other classes it's taken a much larger investment in gear. Now, having said that, I also feel that my DH is doing pretty darn well (although I've definitely had to pay for it, and no I don't mean RMAH, I've farmed for every piece of gear I have), and partly because of the fact that it takes so much more of an investment in gold and time (to learn the char and get good at using it) those of us who CAN play a DH at higher mp get a bit more of a right to brag ;)

For my two cents, the biggest issue I see with DH is hatred regen. I've been thinking for a long time now (probably since around halfway through 1.03) that there really should be a skill like Nightstalker for hatred (or that NS should replenish hatred as well as disc). I think that if something along those lines were to be implemented, DH would instantly become a MUCH more viable class at higher MP. Allowing us to use our high DPS skills more frequently would enable us to trade some of that base DPS for more defensive gear, effectively re-balancing the equation and giving us more flexibility. Those that still wanted to go glass cannon would be able to more effectively, and those that wanted to add more survivability for higher MP could do so and still maintain DPS output. I truly hope something like this happens, because I really don't see myself doing all the work to make another main char at this point ;P

A final thought: One area where DH does shine above the other classes is in damage output from multiple skills simultaneously! While we may not be able to pump out the huge hits from single skills like the other classes, what we CAN do is to hit for very reasonable numbers with multiple skills all at once, doing immense amounts of total DPS. For instance, in my higher MP build, I can use ST-EB for crits up to 700k (3x each of course, maxing each ST's damage at 2.1 mil), BS-TB or BS-VE for crits up to 400k, have a sentry going for anywhere from 50-200k, AND use Rain of Vengeance-BB for hits up to 700k again, all happening simultaneously. This kind of usage effectively pumps out HUGE amounts of actual damage (almost all of which is AoE) using only one big hatred spender, and is really where DH can excel. I haven't actually tested what my effective DPS is doing this, but I plan on doing so now and I'll report what I find. In any case, it certainly is another option for increasing dmg output without having to spam high hatred-spending skills.

Edit: Just tested, doing 920k effective DPS against Ghom with no follower, mp5.

I love my DH, will continue playing my DH, and do not feel the need to switch to another class, but cmon guys, EVERY class has had and continues to have balance issues. So, if you don't want everyone to start calling YOU a whiner and a QQ'er the next time YOU post about how blizz could improve your class, please take posts like this and the OP's as the constructive criticism they are, we're all just trying to make the game better! Feel free to respond and disagree in an equally constructive manner, but just butting in to point fingers and troll people doesn't really help anyone.
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Resource regeneration is definitely key to DH. For example, I can't see how anyone could do even mid-MP levels without stacking additional discipline. The 30 discipline you start with is a joke - you need >=50 discipline and even then I still use preparation regularly. On the flipside I can smoke screen almost non-stop and thus dying is rare.

Even for hatred, I find I need to use vengeance in order to keep up decent hatred AND I also specifically have geared myself to lower the costs of Impale and increase dmg of multi-shot to make-up for resource requirements.

I do echo that I find lower MP to be very smooth and easy - I can streamroom up to MP4 no problem. But after that - even at MP5 or MP6 my killing speed starts to slowdown bigtime (which emphasizes the resource regeneration b/c you start to run out faster) compared to other classes. Even though my "paper" DPS is >200K characters from other classes with only 100K will outperform me.

Also DH is very expensive to gear and survivability is a must. I'm still trying to figure out the balance - I had even more armour, AR, etc. before but I find the bottleneck for me with higher MP is DPS - if I could kill faster I could do it easier. Dying is not my issue with high MP it's kill speed. Then again I should arguably switch-up my skills for higher MP I just wish I didn't have to. I like the skills I use now I just want them to scale better.
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Huh? Since when has DH been weak?

This isn't a case where there is untapped potential. People are just not trying enough different builds to find what fits their play style.

DH has some of the best farming builds for every mp level.
For my play style
MP0~3 = Strafe
MP4~6= Server / Impale or Manticore Aggro
MP7~10=Bola Shot / Turrets / Spike Trap

But yah I have done plenty of all DH MP10 Uber runs and we cleared just as fast as any other Class Combination.
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+1 to speedforce, MasterJay and Slay. DH's are fine. As I stated before, if your DH can't hang at high MP levels it is YOUR fault.
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so DHs are good at low mp. problem?
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I like how my 50k DPS monk that I JUST MADE is better than my DH that I have been playing since release. Yes, I know my gear sucks. But still, 120k unbuffed DPS should not be slower at farming than 50k DPS.
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i am able to do MP7 like this on a 100mil budget and rarely die, im sure you filthy rich 20B guys can fare a little better.

lol my barb is worth less than 100m and he rarely dies on MP10
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Great use of someone else's post.

Bottom line - Nobody will EVER be happy with the way things are. No matter what changes they make to the game they will ALWAYS be crying about something.If they give you a challenge, you complain it's too hard. If they nerf it, you complain it's to easy. If they buff one class, you demand they buff the class you play. IT NEVER STOPS!

Diablo 3 without a doubt has the worst community of people (I say people because you're far from being a gamer with the hand holding requirement). I hope one day Blizzard gets so tired of hearing all the kids cry to their parents about how Diablo 3 is not perfect and Blizzard ruined their life because of it, and they decide to close the forum down.

Take a good look at these forums, all the thread with positive points and great ideas are lucky to get 1 maybe 2 replies. But all the threads crying about "waaaa....this is too hard I demand a nerf and a blues response now waaaa..!" get hundreds of replies. This shows what kind of people this game is being molded around. They are ruining the game enough by making all the bad players happy while the real gamers who are looking for a challenge are being ignored all because you cry and we don't.

In 5 years (or less the way things are headed) if you ever want to know what really killed Diablo 3, the answer is all the bad players Blizzard had to make happy.
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Great use of someone else's post.

Bottom line - Nobody will EVER be happy with the way things are. No matter what changes they make to the game they will ALWAYS be crying about something.

No I'm happy since I rolled a ww barb, so I win by default lol
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