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Is my EHP bad?

i also want to know what it means because i keep seeing this word and went to this site to look at mine is it bad http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/buffetmaster-1733/Pwner/4212732
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Yea its very bad, my DH has way more HP, all resist and almost as much armor as your barb. Also what is your reasoning behind having 6 radiant star gems that cost more then all your gear combined?
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go to www.d3up.com and get an account.
Then load in you're profile and you will see the eph in the upper right corner.

If you want you can go to www.d3bit.com and install d3bit.(requires you set game to windows mode). This allows you to go to the ah and scan as many items you want into d3bit. Hit the analyze button and you get a window comparing the gear to your equipped gear.. This way you get to see how dps, ehp ect will change.

im highly interested in that d3 bit but is it safe to use?
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i just downloaded this d3bit how do i use it
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i got those gems when they were being duped on the AH so they were VERY cheap only like 3-5 mil
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is it bad


02/15/2013 06:07 PMPosted by CobraSVT
d3 bit but is it safe to use?

It probably scans the memory to extract the item stats, then no, it can get you banned if Blizzard decides to do so.
IF (very unlikely) it is purely based on OCR, then yeah, it would be safe.
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Paragon progress doesn't seem to be updated for the new crafted amulets. They do not show up on character slots and I don't think they are being calculated for dps, ehp, etc...
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02/15/2013 06:05 PMPosted by Cybralisk
Yea its very bad, my DH has way more HP, all resist and almost as much armor as your barb. Also what is your reasoning behind having 6 radiant star gems that cost more then all your gear combined?

well the radiants are probably a better investment then gear since they will hold their value over time
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d3up website doesnt even work i made an account it doesnt show any stats nor any gear when i went to the create a build thing
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ERROR NOT CHARACTERS WERE FOUND is what it said in caps
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Any site other then Diabloprogress.com I really don't use. Kinda don't want to get a virus or hacked. Besides I love diabloprogress. I just hear bad storys about d3up etc etc. with viruses and key loggers.
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Thread's going a bit off track for the OP here.


Yes, your EHP is less than great but luckily is fairly easy to improve.

Andariels visage is a bit of a kick to EHP because of the fire damage taken. If your EHP was high, you could get away with this "negative", but because yours is low, it's hurting you though your firewalkers go someway towards compensating for them. You can keep the helm, but you have to build your EHP up elsewhere to keep it, or get rid of it and get an Mempo (expensive with crit) or an IK helm.
I'd suggest the IK helm as it has a socket for a ruby or ameythest, crit chance and life percent. You can get vitality or all resists as well, but they get pricey. a 160 odd strength IK helm is pretty cheap these days.

Leggings. Yuck. All you have here is sockets, strength and Vitality. Look for a pair with similar stats as the ones you have now but with All resistances. you might loose some vitality compared to yours currently, so you can look for leggings with life % as well to make that up. Blackthornes leggings and Depth diggers are a couple to look at here as well.

Hellfire ring. To be honest, it isn't great. You can replace it with a set ring called Litany of the undaunted, i think they are fairly easy to get, 5 million or so. You get 150 odd strength, all resists and 4.5% crit chance. Or shop for something similar in a rare. If you think you'll miss the XP bonus, well thats another reason to change your helmet to one with a socket for a ruby.

Rubies. You bought them low, so you could make a killing selling 2-3 of them now. That would raise the funds to buy some lessor ones (the ones that add 50 st str for example) and use the extra funds to buy the above gear.
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