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To keep or to sell...

Finally got a decent legendary drop (Unity ring) today! On the AH, they seem to be going for around 5 million which is a lot to me considering I have only had about 1 million at any time (I tend to spend it as soon as I get it). The question is:
a) Are these actually selling for this amount (and is this one even worth that much)?
b) Would you sell it to possibly upgrade a couple different equipment spots or would you use it?

It rolled with Strength which doesn't really help my wizard a ton but considering I have my second best ring on the other hand it far exceeds anything else I have. I can tell a pretty significant difference between using this ring and the one it replaced on elites.

Since I am just starting out (lost my only other 60 to Belial a month ago or so and didn't really farm with her at all) money is still a concern. I would mostly just like to ensure I can avenge my other character and make it to Act III this time. Probably not ready yet to face Belial again, but a few upgrades could make it feasible as I almost defeated him last time (pre-patch and without Unstable Anomaly which probably would have won the fight for me as he was almost dead) and I already exceed the Armor, AR and Vit of the last character.

Any advice?
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More like 9 millions ++ ;)
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Give all its stats. If it picked Strength out of the three primaries then that's good, but there's another crucial random roll it would have as well. That can really influence its value.

Again, list all its stats and I could probably tell you exactly what it's worth.
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Look at is profile.

It's a nice one actualy.
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Thanks Kelmort even better at 9! Didn't look too close, realized when it dropped that it was way more than anything else I had :) Should have mentioned that its on my wiz in my profile.
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120 armor is the random roll. Not useless but not much better. The ring by default is fairly good though.
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Gratz on getting your first multi-million-gold drop. More will come. And they will be better. I don't know the HC Unity market. In SC, I remember selling a STR one for 2.5 mil. Gl.
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Thanks guys, think I will try to sell and get some items more relevant for a wiz. 2.5 mil in SC should hopefully translate to more in HC
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