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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

Though i would start a new one since the last one filled up http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7764846606?page=1

Try not to skip
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Though i would start a new one since the last one filled up http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7764846606?page=1

Try not to skip

Higher damage mainhand, that's low average damage for WW barb.
@hood upgrade your gems, get ice climber, prowler for more ias

Is that dps buffed on your sheet?
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stack ias and cc on ur rings so u can drop it from ur ammy on focus on getting higher rolls instead of a low rolled trifecta.

crit is very low

crit is very low

@Ison88 using an SOJ.. wanna buy me a crit mempo? as for what u should upgrade get a high vit ik chest
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@Nived i'm going to go with a much higher str belt for you, possibly with a +skill that benefits you too.

To whoever looks at me: pvp build
@fizzle...cant view your profile. Whats my upgrade?
@ OSUBucks1: U need more CC & CD as well as Vitality/%Life.

What's my next upgrade?
@Wengzkie: I don't know what I'm looking at. No life steal or life on hit? All VIT gems? Is this your PvP setup? Either way, a non-CC Mempo would be a good thing for you because you need IAS more than the CC from IK, and the all resist would help you more than the 90 VIT from IK. A CC Mempo would be ideal but it would cost you dearly. And put at least some rubies in your armor.

You have no LS! o.o

I would definitely try to get an LS Skorn.

Edit: Since VeePow beat me to it... @VeePow

Really solid S&B Barb... looks great. If anything, I would attempt at crafting Vit Shoulders.
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@ Drexl

Amazing gear, godly gear.

I would suggest a better crit mempo and maybe try crafting Vit shoulders for the life% stat.

But amazing gear. Wow. Nice crafts, did it take you long?
@Tezzer, Profile unavailable sorry :( GG Bliz lol nice website. Half the people I check I can't see a profile.
@tezz profile not available :O
@Dabox i suggest getting shoulders with higher ehp so u can use rubies in ur pants instead of amethysts

Short term you can use better gems and belt is kinda lowish on str/vit. Long term, you can use a crit mempo and/or a higher vit IK chest.

Dunno, your gear is on another level from mine...
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skipped at post #2 :(
^I would craft gloves until i get a trifecta and sell your IK.

Then sell your IK helm and get a mempo with 250 Str
@miso bracers waist ik feet? socket main?
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