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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

@ Ace

AR is low for skorn hota, probably keep crafting bracers. Could use more cc somewhere too.

Well, you could get some Main hand and OH with CD.

Hmmmmm what to suggest I can only dream about your gear.

I suppose your boots although they have pretty much everything might be the place you could improve (I was tempted to say your templar!)
@imperium cant see your profile !
Help me out I have around 20m to spend
How much gold would I need to farm MP5. I know my gear is crap but I havent really used the AH
Daracron #1678 upgrade your gems first.
i already know that I need a mempo

Im not sure why, but you are wearing a Tal Rasha chest. Swapping that out for a decent IK chest should prove useful for your vit, str, and resists.

My current profile shows a mighty wep for my offhand due to experimentation. I normally run an 890dps dagger with 11%IAS, 98CD, socket....the 9% atk spd on the chest pushes my dagger to 36 ticks with zerker going and gives me 1.88mil tdps sans scoundrel and 1.95mil tdps with scoundrel. Dumping the chest would mean having to put atk spd elsewhere (not easy with my gearing) OR sacrifice the 36tick breakpoint....and besides, my barb looks good in a Tal Rasha. Cheers.
@waycooloz - awesome gear man! I almost wonder though, with the experience upgrades in 1.07, if you really need the hellfire ring for the exp bonus? You could use the spot for more DPS or more EHP depending on if you want to kill things even faster or any survivability issues.
@medman2000 - I would def upgrade the left ring, you have plenty of resist so you could drop the extra resist on that ring and aim for a trifecta/quadfecta, maybe average dmg/crit/ais w/ str of course.. Just me tho
@Sammael I feel bad even trying to suggest something (you so out gear me) but if anything higher armor on the legs or possibly some climbers with vit on them. And now to get demolished for my abysmal barb.

(edit) profile shows unforgiving as I was farming mp0 for paragon.
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@Ben, Immediate upgrade - OH stats are nice but the damage range is just too low, next gems.

Looks solid to me, I guess probably the pants, and also the gem on the ice climber.
@ RazorX - nice barb! most of your slots are endgame.. but the pants could have more strength. might lose a bit of vit and amour but you can afford it. Nice job on gear
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@ Kaps I will go for more Str Vile ward or Ice climb

It looks like we have the same duped chest...

I think your Inna's can be improved. Either a higher str/vit roll or just a pure 150+ vit no str roll. Your VW and gloves have awesome offensive stats, but could use some defensive stats as well. You might want to look at VW with life% and higher vit and gloves with higher str and good AR or high end IK gloves so you get the 60 AR set bonus.

Your gear is amazing o.o

I'd say start crafting a ton of shoulders to eventually roll a better one than Vile Wards.
@Sinnermighty - Damn!!

Maybe a main hand with CD or pants, Immortals?
You can get a better rare pants with high STR, Vital, AR and 2 sockets for an upgrade.
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