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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

Probably you can drop the IK tribal binding since you already have LS on MH. Go with 3% LS passive instead and replace IK tribal with a Str/AR witching hour.

my stats are unbuffed.
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@Narga, I think Lacuni's with Critical Chance would be your next thing.
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@Aetherhole, actually I use my new crafted bracer for higher MP lv. Btw, nice barb you have there.
@ NargaX

I would say your amulet or bracers are probably where you can crank out a better item easiest (well luck depending)

Then again you know a lot more than me!

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I'd see about getting an offhand with a socket, CD, and some life steal or LOH. I think you'd see a huge jump in DPS.

In your wrist/bracers spot I would recommend investing in some Lacuni Prowlers (my dream bracers :P), they'll have better crit chance and, if you get a good pair, attack/movement speed too (both of which are great for WW barbs)

Your barb is awesome though and I really like your helm.

Edit: I know I could do with upgrading just about every one of my items, but what are the most important pieces I should focus on?
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Nice over all, I'd like to see more hp on your barb. maybe a purple gem for the helm, but i understand the exp bonus

I say try to look for IK chest first. you can find a cheap one on AH now since the new recipes. and maybe a IK helm try to get the set bonus. your weapons are solid for now.

I would chose to replace those IK gloves with trifecta rares for alot more DPS, or the helm with a Mempo (no crit, but huge survive, IAS)

You can get a higher str Mempo for not too much, wouldn't be a huge upgrade but could add a decent amount of easy str. Just a thought.
You could probably get some vile wards for cheap with more strength and armor.
Probably on the ring and glove.
@ balinMcNasty

the only thing i would upgrade is your shoulders, maybe find higher vit ones, gotta love the pick up radius on them tho. overall very nice


a weapon w/similar spec to your mainhand w/LS since I'm thinking its tough sometimes w/only 2.8% LS.

nice spear :)
@katron great gear man. maybe get better ice climbers or mempo with crit.

1) get an off hand ef with ls
2) ammy with cc and cd
3) replace mh ring with ias and cc
4) ik belt with 250+ str
5) vit on innas
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1) get an off hand ef with ls
2) ammy with cc and cd
3) replace mh ring with ias and cc
4) ik belt with 250+ str
5) vit on innas

Looking pretty solid, these are all some things I would look into if I were you:
- Higher Str (still with vit) IK belt
- Better shoulders, 360 Str/vit points is sorta meh. Even if you have 7 PUR.
- You should look into dropping that ammy before its value drops even more and go for a good crafted ammy. I've barely crafted ammys and mine is pretty good. You could spend half the gold from selling that ammy crafting and probably get an upgrade
What should I upgrade next for my barb? Perhaps rend instead of ignone pain, but what about the equipment?
@ andy i would get some more attack speed and more vit on ik chest.. I know I dont have either of these.
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