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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

@doctaphilly i would all radiant gems for your barb, you can easily afford it and i would get a mempo with 4-4.5 cc next
@andy your profile doesn't exist
@Zero, hard to tell really... you are in a similar position as I am with upgrades where upgrades cost astronomical amounts. I guess the "easiest" upgrade for you next would be your Ice Climbers to one with higher Strength and Vitality. That'll likely be the cheapest upgrade for you.
I think the cheapest upgrade for you is to try your luck crafting some archon vit shoulders, they can easily outclass the vile wards you currently wear.

ummmmmmmmmmmm.... The ring on your left? Idk your barb is so solid.
@Blintz, I think it's time you moved to a Mempo of Twilight with Crit Chance. I don't think the 3-set bonus is all that worthwhile to keep the IK Helmet. It's going to be an expensive upgrade though! :)
@Erk, you most definitely need more critical chance everywhere. That'd be the first thing for you to look to upgrade.

Also, the problem with crafting shoulders to replace my VW is that I can't get all the stats that I want. After high str and vit, I still need AR and I also don't want to sacrifice on the armor bonus either. I am so close to the 8000k armor (after warcry) mark that it would really be a shame to go backwards from that.
You again? Your barb is legendary, but if I had him, I would craft some ammies til I got one with your current stats plus some AR
@Aetherhole, IDK man, 352k dps unbuffed? , thats sick. No idea.Oh wait, maybe try to craft some vit shoulders, they can roll insane stats. U could use a little more vit in that level of gear.
@lizardaq - unless you really want the 3-piece IK bonus, you could upgrade your gloves to STR/AS/CC/CHD with a rare/crafted glove, and/or you could change helm to a mempo.
@lizardaq, ur build is weird, as i dont understand how it works exactly, forgive me if i say something stupid. id say the most critical is crit chance on rings. cheers.
@medman2000, great barb, the only thing remotely easy to upgrade is shoulders, could try to craft a pair, gonna take a lot of essence tho.
I'm horrible at this, and don't really know what's out there, but CoisaRuim... couldn't you get a ring that's more barb-centric than the SOJ? Looks very Wizardy. Then again, I'm sure you have your reason! :)
yea, barb soj is too expensive... D:
hmm this is tough one cuz ur barb looks pretty stacked... id say keep rolling ur shoulders till u get an upgrade and maybe even look into the plan for bracers? or if u want immidiate impact look into a new echoing fury
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You have zero movespeed. i would get some nice inna pants or lacuni prowlers. or both :)
Rate Alladinsane pls
@greywolfsif yea im looking into innas. and i just sold my prowlers in favor of the crafted ones. i dont WW much so movement speed isnt too important to me

How about a SOJ for a barb? I'd get one that reduces HOTA fury cost. I might also consider LS in your offhand weapon.

Probably your best upgrade would be your Ice climbers. Why not get movement speed in them.
@ furrysqrl

Very nice man. I guess the only thing you might need is a bit more vit/AR? Otherwise looking sweet!

I would try and upgrade your rings first. Get some CC on them with CD or IAS as well. Avg. damage is always nice to have too.

I could use some advice on what needs to be upgraded next? I was thinking my shoulders next but I cant craft a nice one for the life of me.

Any advice would be much appriciated guys/girls. Thanks
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