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Dashing Strike used with Exploding Palm

I was using the Exploding Palm skill (Essence Burn), however I wanted to switch it up and try something different, so I am now using the Dashing Strike (quicksilver).

Well, my question is.. Has anyone ever used both of those skills together and can you? Cast the exploding palm on the enemies and dash right into them??? Please let me know your thoughts?
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Nothing would stop you from using both skills, except maybe spirit generation. What do you hope to get out of it, other than a quick 313% weapon damage after you palm an opponent? Given that DS is used to move away from your current position, and that melee mobs will move toward you, I think you're usually better off staying in one spot, palming a mob, and then waiting for him to blow up while you're surrounded. If you use DS to move away, the mobs might disperse, which lowers the impact of the explosion.
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Thank you for the input. I guess I was thinking that the enemy that I palm, would receive much higher damage on the hit when I Dash to it, rather than punching it (Thus less time it takes to kill).. I noticed my Crit Hits when using Dashing Strike are 800k.
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I was trying out such a build earlier, though I'm having trouble making it work smoothly. I wanted to replicate the barb's rend and run trash farming build for areas like keeps 2, With a skorn a single cast of essence burn can kill a lot of trash as it replicates itself through crowds, but the animation is so slow and clunky, as is the animation for dash. With a dual wield setup, I can go around more quickly, but the damage of the burn is less reliable as my base damage is lower.
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I use dashing strike with exploding palm. I love the mobility too much to replace dashing strike. I die infrequently MP8-10. Dashing strike also helps me to stop elites from fear running away and I can heard them together. I never cared about dashing strikes damage. The bonus to damage is still negligible IMO.
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I used dashing strike even before 1.0.7. Check my build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bdSkUV!dgX!cbccZc I use dashing strike mainly for positioning and evasion as it can go through almost anything.

Just recently gave up serenity for a more offensive build. Doing well upto MP8 dying only through stupid maneuvers or lack of spirit. :)
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