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How close am I to relatively easy MP10 Ubers?

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Is it realistic for me to be able to farm mp10 ubers with my current gear + a budget of ~360mil to get upgrades?

Which pieces need upgraded first to get closer to mp10?

And... 2h Skorn or my dual-wield setup? Should I change to the 2h for ubers or would it be better to upgrade one of my one-handers instead?

I've put a butt-load of time into playing this guy... but never got one of those game-breaking drops that I could sell to fund my gearing lol. I have amassed 360mil right now to use and I have some okayish things in the AH that I hope to at least get another 50mil out of. I'm always making new craftable pieces hoping for an upgrade, probably making about 50+ pieces per day.

What do I need to do? And what build is suggested to do ubers with?

And for the sake of argument, would my wizard happen to be any closer to farming mp10 ubers solo than my barb?

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for comparison's sake i can do MP8 ubers with the gear in my profile. Swap out Overpower for Leap:Death From Above just for Siege+Kulle.

What gear you buy depends on whether you wish to stick with dw or go for a 2h hota build. You are basically asking for a ton of info that already exist in other threads. Search some.
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I'm not too familiar with ww specs, but my feeling is that you'd be capable of doing them, but probably not comfortably, if you spent that gold on upgrading both of your weapons, though you're missing a lot of vitality on your gear. I don't think I would try to switch to 2-h if I were you. It'd require too much re-gearing to be done right. I've just recently reached the point where I feel comfortable with MP10 ubers (i.e. I can do them within around 5 minutes apiece successfully 90% of the time), and it's been a quite a pain to get there. Unless you have astronomical DPS, 800K EHP unbuffed is pretty much the bare minimum to do them easily. 1M or more if you want to not have to worry about facetanking dangerous attacks like Maghda's flies, Kulle's tornadoes and Siegebreaker's ground pound.

I don't know much about wizards, but one of my friends can solo them easily with about 20k DPS more than yours. I think you'd likely have to work on getting more armor so that you can drop prismatic armor for storm armor, but I have no idea how much that'd cost.
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@SILVERFIRE, that is before dodge?
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of course, sorry. lame question.
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I'm just giving a ballpark to shoot for. Per d3rawr, I'm at about 1M-1.1M without dodge, and 1.1-1.4M with, but plenty of people might say that's overkill. I feel I need it though, because I don't use war cry and my DPS isn't very high. Wayneold did a guide where he had around 800K IIRC which is a very good read for ww barbs wanting to solo ubers.


In my first time successfully soloing siege and Kulle, I had around 58K HP and ~520 AR, but it was far from comfortable. I failed over half of my attempts and even when I succeeded, I felt like I was popping health pots like a junkie.
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You won't be able to permawrath with a 2h on your budget, so stick to dw.

EHP is a little sketchy, doable with your current amount, but far from easy.

Tdps vs elites needs to be at least 40% higher or you're unlikely to beat enrage on realm of turmoil.

Your stats here: http://www.d3rawr.com/d-3gKvv

As a point of reference, my old setup could clear all 3 portals comfortably on mp10 using the double hammer build: http://www.d3rawr.com/d-7412l

3-7 minutes per portal, which is cutting it dangerously close to the enrage timer, so I'd consider that level of dps to be a bare minimum.
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Here watch my Video, if you need help just add me

The Fastest kill in MP10 UBER less than 8 mins

Kulle Room - 2:57 sec
( http://youtu.be/WQhnoBYCt_g )

Skeleton King Room - 2:38 sec
( httpyoutu.beE9_6VtPPlNc )

Ghom Room - 1:38 sec
( http://youtu.be/t_mV1fXfGZ0 )
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You will get destroyed with 36k life.
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02/20/2013 01:45 PMPosted by DrFish
You will get destroyed with 36k life.

Obvious statement is obvious.
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There really is no "baseline" but I can give you a general idea.....

When things started to click for me using a standard dual tornado build I was

200k unbuffed
60k life
6000 defense
8% life steal
Cold SOJ

Once I hit those stats, ubers really started to work for me. I have farmed a lot of !@#$ty rings since.....
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you are extremely far away... 12% movement speed with ww....
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