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Need Vet WD Advice


I recently leveled up a WD and gave him a set of starter gear. I plan to craft better gloves/shoulders/bracers and an ammy over time, but what else can I work on. I think I need better armor in partic.

I get how to build DH, and have read the guides but with the other classes I find it is best to just ask!
People who have played WD can give killer advice just with a quick look.

Many thanks!


BTW - the WD is simply tons of fun to play!
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My advice is to drop zombie handler passive and pick up something more useful. Zombie Dogs with Life Link is a good way to get some extra EHP, but you're not really getting any extra benefit with 4 dogs than you are with 3, and their survivability is generally pretty good without the extra 20%. Since you're already using Corpse Spiders, try using Vision Quest to get even more mana regen from them. Or, alternatively, try Blood Ritual.
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Any other suggestions vets?
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i would also drop PtV the benefits you get from it in paper dps is negated when using bears due to the fact you will not be able to cast them as long. And defiantly add vision quest to better sustain bears or acid cloud. A good passive combo is blood ritual and vision quest this will allow you to cast a lot more bears therefore doing more sustained dps and also maintaining a constant stream of life steal.
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You consider THAT to be STARTER gear!?!?

Not even my main is anywhere near that lol.
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Here are my suggestions (in order of importance)

1. Get more AR on your Zuni Trails. This is a relatively cheap place to get AR (compared to the next two items I suggest).
2. The Witching Hour -- With IAS and CD and 3 random rolls you just can't beat this belt.
3. Lacuni Prowlers -- May not be the best option for PvP but for PvE they can't be beat. 24% movement speed is incredibly important.
4. Better weapon and off-hand. This is going to be the easiest way to boost your damage. Either shoot for closer to 1000 dps/100% crit damage MCK or go with a rare 1-H with CD and LS on it. Don't give up the life steal! For an OF, get a Uhkapian serpent with high average damage or a Thing of the Deep for farming. As much as I like the Manajuma's OH I can't justify using one. It'll cost you 25x the amount of gold to get a nice MGF comparable to a nice serpent.
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