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Supporting Zisss - The Most Entertainign D3 Stream

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I didn't see any posts support Ziss so I figured I'd make one. I've learned a ton of stuff watching Ziss and his buddies play and I think everyone can benefit from simply watching the set builds they do. I also won one of their "buffet" raffles last week and ended up with quite a profit. I pretty much idle in this stream all day, it's probably more profitable than farming lol.
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Such a great streamer always entertaining.
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hes awesome
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Ziss and his pals are very interactive with the viewers
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Def one of the best streams out there. There are tons of fun competitions such as the gauntlet which I was lucky to participate in! Free crafted gear and 3 random people try to kill MP0 with crafted gear! too much fun!
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Ziss is a beautiful person. Maybe he will have BBQ meet up.
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How much did you end up making from the buffet bro?

All hail the Zisspire!
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Agreed the Zisspire is one of the best D3 streams out there today.
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Nice Stream!
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He just gave me free zeny for it being my birthday!!
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best streamer ever builds sets helps every1 gives out free gold 2 lucky viewers
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Daily buffets, starting to do PvP tournaments, great giveaways, also Grand Buffets on Sundays (Lots of UnIDs give away for lucky viewers). Great stream. :D
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Yep great group of guys and very fun stream....
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I recent found Ziss's stream as well and have found it to be very entertaining. I often leave the stream open while playing as Ziss's antics are funny and the followers can be fairly entertaining as well. It does help that he gives away free gold, sets of gears, etc. Plus, every night they have a HUGE "buffet" where tons of ID'd and un-ID'd items are on the ground, free to pick up to a select few followers who are invited or win a slot. It's fun. Come check it out!
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Totally enjoy his stream, been watching since I got back to D3 and learned quite a bit from watching. Pretty sure I'm not the only one that idles in his stream and/or watch it while I'm farming myself. Though I don't actively participate at times (saving up Zeny), I'm often there chatting with the other viewers.
[rare] cat spawn gives 100% MF. :D
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Please kindly come and check out the awesome stream! :)
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Also Ziss wins for the epic Rare Cat Spawn camera, I've seen the appearance once briefly lol
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Ziss is Awesome he not only does Awesome stuff on his own he help out his viewers a ton. I think just today there has been 10-15 full sets of DIII gear. His whole site is positive and the viewers help each other.
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Best Set-Building and overall stream (with the absolutely cheesiest music ever!).
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