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Supporting Zisss - The Most Entertainign D3 Stream

02/24/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Dishonour
Man I love the PvP that they set up.


all the class tourneys plus the planned tourney with the winners. Not to mention the iron man challenges. They really take advantage of all aspects of the game and in doing so allow us to pick up some valuable info out of it
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Ziss is my absolute favorite streamer. I spend hours every day on his channel, and I have even won some of the auctions! I sincerely appreciate the generosity of Ziss and Mike and have them on the entire time I'm playing and even while I'm doing work!
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ALL HAIL Zisss / The Zisspire / The Cat Empire

Ziss and Mikey are two very dedicated D3 players. Not only to the game itself, but to the community as a whole. The commentary both of them provide can be completely invaluable to new players.

As long as you are following them, you earn "zeny", the currency of the stream, at the rate of 100 zeny per 6 minutes. This zeny can be used to purchase multiple different things.

They do 1m gold auctions/raffles often, and is a very good way for poorer players to dump their zeny to get some easy gold and get them on their feet.

They do raffles very often for people to win wheel spins. The wheel consists of many things such as 1m/2m/3m gold options, free MP10 ubers, jewelry set (tons of unid rings/amulets), the next dropped legendary, and you can even win entire free sets. The sets can be for any class, and generally are in the 20-40m gold worth range.

As for what they actually do in their stream? Tons of stuff. Farming MP10 with followers, creating sets (for free wheel spins, very informational for new players with little money), creating custom ordered sets (100m+, can be very cool to watch them make 2b+ sets!), and crafting BiS stuff.

Every single day at 8 PM western time, they do a "buffet" which is a room filled with unid i63 and legendary items. 3 people win places in the buffet, and you have to be quick to get the good items scattered all around! Every sunday evening at the same time, they have a "super buffet" which is always filled with a TON of incredibly good legendaries. Tonight's has like 4 EF's, 3 mempo's, etc., and the only way in is to use your zeny!

Other than that, they do tons of other stuff. They recently started same class tournaments (wiz vs. wiz, etc) and they plan to do those weekly, and are very fun to participate in (winners get 25m/10m/5m respectively for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

Overall it's just a really fun environment, and the commentary by both Ziss and Mike is incredible. They are both very knowledgeable when it comes to their best classes, and I guarantee if you enjoy watching D3 streams, you will enjoy theirs. Plus prizes, and you get to see a cat every once in a while! Everything you could ever need. Please support them!
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Oh also...Entertaining*...I had to...
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always entertaining streamer, very interactive with the community. built the set i have on my barb.
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Ziss is an awesome guy to watch. Hes down to earth and contributes so much to the community. Everything he does is for the viewers. It is fun to watch his stream and earn zenny to win raffles and auctions for wheel spins or gold. Wheel spins can net you an awesome free gear set of any class! He also builds awesome gears for people depending what your budget is. Come join the ZissPire!
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Ziss has the best stream around! they do wheelspin raffles anywhere between 1m free gold to a free SET OF GEAR!! and also the best thing a BUFFET every night of all the legendaries and unid's Leg they get durring that day. and every sunday a GRAND BUFFET with a TON of free stuff!! tons of great ppl. 1v1 Tournaments and all!!
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I used to be a !@#$%^, until the zisspire.
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Ziss doesn't know it yet but he is going to build my 600M set. Great stream and the viewers are very helpful.
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Always good for a laugh. Best D3 radio stream.

Sponsored by "Cold hard gold"
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Ziss stream is awesome, good music and alot of interaction with the viewers.

Loads of raffles and giveaways, very good guy! Keep it up!
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Awks. I like Kongor more than ziss. But ziss is alright.

JOKES. Everyone on the stream is great (unlike Kongors), forcing me to stay up at absurd hours to watch him strut his stuff. Truly wonderful stream and has made D3 so much more entertaining for me. Check it out all!
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If your not watching Ziss your doing IT wrong... he is the best at what he does witch is every thing
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i often keep stream open to tuck me in! :)
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I want Zeny Cat ;(
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What can I say about the Zisspire, it is an amazing stream overall. I love sitting in the stream listening to Ziss and his friends playing and having a good time and it is such a great feeling to be getting "paid" to listen :D It is the first stream i have ever watched for longer than 10 minutes and I plan on watching it whenever I have a chance. Great job Ziss, Keep up the stream! Zisspire is above all others.
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Been watching him since he crafted the old Sage's Seekers :)

Fun stream to hang out him, constantly giving out cold hard gold, free se-- I mean wheel spins, and buffet's every night.

Not to mention really fun PvP / PvE events such as 1v1 tourneys, iron man and much more...

Long live Ziss!

Long live the Zisspire!
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I love watching/listening to Zisss so much, he's like my radio. I keep the stream going all night long and fall asleep to it. Can't miss the nightly buffets and great giveaways all during the day. By far the best stream running right now! You got to check it out!
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Ask him to draw you a monkey!
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he also draws the best monkeys
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