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Supporting Zisss - The Most Entertainign D3 Stream

LOVE THE STREAM ZISSPIRE 4 life love how he buid sets and gives back to the community from free sets wheelspins gold giveaway farming runs and best part daily 8 oclock PST BUFFET been watching sense day 1 thouhg i hae had many twitch names because i forget passsword lol but love the jokes and gameplay fromm ziss and mike always have it open while i play d3 and everything else keep up the stream ziss also i try and help giving back by donating un id high leg and also ided legns

-Your fan Guy William Boltrucyk, Jr.
A.K.A DiabloFarmer;)
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Best stream on twitch - entertaining streamers with great give aways, fun conversation and lucky rare cat spawns. Lots of viewer interactions with buffer give aways, cashing in UnID's legs for Zenny the in stream currency used for wheelspins, raffles and auctions.

Very informative and you learn alot about builds and gear sets watching them buy and give away awesome sets.

Also great brawling competitions.. my new favourite stream while at work!
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Ziss is by FAR in my opinion the greatest streamer ever. He not only interacts with viewers, but is very entertainging (lol) as well. FANTASTIC STREAM. Kepp it up mate <3

-lvgildervl your BIGGEST !@#$ING FAN <3<3<3<3<3<3
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He has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like!!
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lol just won some more gold...
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Hi...I ♥ ZissPire! sorry everyone already said everything that needs to be said.
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Awesome Streamer!
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Ziss is the man! Thanks for the entertainment and free giveaways

althought maybe one day I will win ;)
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Still saving up Zeny for a cat.
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Ziss will raise you up on eagle wings. He will bare you on the breath of dawn. Make you to shine like the sun. And hold you, hold you in the pawn of his hand. Mike will not really care, but be real cool guy. Nerfie will pay you to let him help you. And there will always be coal har goal involved.
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been watching ziss since he started to re-stream, stream is educational he gives back to the comunity, its fun, entretaining, music is great and also he got me back to diablo.

thanks ziss
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ziss is a beast everyone go to his stream twitch.tv/zisss MEOWWWW
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Mike does a really important job on the stream he is keeping the stream up when ziss is not around and he is a great monk that knows alot about dh and barb.
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I raffle'd into a 3v1 pvp session earlier against Mikey...Needless to say I owned everyone except for Mikey. Managed to get 1m gold for running around for 5 minutes casting blizzard and shooting ice lasers at everyone except for Mikey until the last 90 seconds where I chased Mikey around unable to eat up all 170,000 hp he had available to thwart my attempts with...On a note, I died at the very end of the 5 minutes...putting my kill-death ratio at 14:1.
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Started watching Ziss about 2 weeks ago and have been addicted ever since. it's very entertaining and there is plenty of free stuff to win so you can't go wrong. I feel like Ziss does so much for the diablo community, has really sparked my interest in this game again, especially since i won a set today on the wheel spin ^_^ Check out the stream, you won't regret it!
YOLO - You Only Loot Once
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marry me ziss
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Ok, real talk.

Zisss is the KINDEST streamer on Twitch. He always maintains a positive attitude toward his viewers. He's not only a knowledgeable person in Diablo but treats his viewers as close friends.
Queenie, Huahua and Heihei need to start pulling their weight on stream tho...:/ Long live Sir Zisss!
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Everyone on Zisss' stream is nice and knowledgeable except for Nerfiee and NOBAMA.
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I watch the stream all the time. The things Ziss and the guys do for the community is really nice. Most streamers don't openly help, play with, and give away millions to the viewers. These guys constantly are doing really nice things for their viewers. I mean, come on. Who else drops a hundred unid legendaries on the ground and allows viewers to come in and take whatever they want? Also the viewers are really cool and The music is badass.

Definitely worth watching all the time! One of the best streams I've been a part of in a long time.

Shout out to Ziss, Keep it up. You are really doing something good to the community.

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He does easily the most giveaways on Twitch! I'm not a materialistic weasel or anything but if you're interested in that, his stream is def the place to be!
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