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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you part 2.

ohh but i already have an andys (and an armour mempo that just dropped yesterday) in my stash that i stopped using in favour of the !@#$ty nats helm for the 4 set bonus, yeah im vault addicted.

a: i like, but to consider a mempo over the set bonus it would have to be a cc one, not in possesion that kind of gold right now

b: where do i get my ehp from then? rare bracer craft? still gona be a ehp hit if i take dex version or dps hit if i take vit version.

c: i like this one hehe

but yeah thx for the input ill probably go to d3up and see what kind of results i can simulate with those options.

well the crafts are pretty decent yeah, ammy was on the 4th or 5th try, so i switched to shoulders, currently trying to get it better but 30 crafts later all crap. shoulders took me like 15 tries when i got these i stopped but once i get a better ammy and specially gloves might go back to them as i really wanted to get %life on them too, not too many places for sick ehp for dhs and i really want to maximize that there.

btw speaking of crafts i crafted a few archon armours and the results were very promising went so close to getting sick sick armor pieces just in 5 tries. that could really go hand by hand with option a in a bidget, probably keep helm as cc mempo is nuts for the 2 set bonus.
Anyone have any thoughts for my guy? I tried to make a tanky build...

Edited because since everyone is commenting on the comments... I didn't know who to make a comment on... sorry.
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Anyone have any thoughts for my guy? I tried to make a tanky build...

funny names. clever man.
You need to get more +Life% gear to boost your vit. Resists are okay, but not at the tanky level - which should be around 500-600. Armor rating is almost 4k, which is very nice.
DPS unbuffed is also very strong.
Excellent CC to fuel nighstalker for perma-gloom.

Next upgrade would be Mempo because it gives you dps but also +10-12% Life and resists.
@Castablanca I got nothing.... how much you spend on all those gems???!!!???
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@Castablanca I got nothing.... how much you spend on all those gems???!!!???

more than was smart... but i like bejeweled...
Great foundation and lots of potential on your DH.
Pretty solid eHP and sustain. But, if there's anything to upgrade, it would be your windforce. Get a socketed one. will do you wonders.
Thanks for taking a look. One question I have is how to make the choice between min/max gems and CD % on my bow,

I also am having trouble justifying the expense of upgrading all my green gems vs. the DPS increase potential. Open to thoughts.

Happy Hunting.
Would I really be better off with a 2 soc manticore with less dps then a 1 soc? I've looked at d3rawr with different comparisons of manticores but the 1 soc with higher dps always comes out ahead >.<

I see where you are coming from. Logic is sound.
However, if you're not gonna take advantage of double-socket manticore, then calamity (with socket) trumps single-socket manticores. Calamities are also dropping in price as everyone who predicted calamities to be good for pvp all now realize that manticore's burst damage is much better.

I understand that obviously 2 sockets is better than one, but if my options for the same price, all else equal, 2 soc and ~1100 dps vs 1 soc and ~1300 dps, I don't see how the 2 soc version would ever equate to more DPS.
Or am I missing something that's not just paper dps?

and to continue the thread..
@razvok you could get a higher dps rare ring while still maintaining around the same HP stats if you play your cards right on the AH for relatively cheap, also I feel like you'd be better off dropping the vit on the boots for a higher dex version and come out with higher dex+vit total stats.
@ Razvok your ammy needs way higher cc, your chest should get some AR, maybe vit on your pants, higher cc rings
@ ANigerian

I would say the gloves need upgrade.
@chenguanxi I feel you are really bottlenecking your damage using legacy nats. I would also suggest that you improve your gloves. Pants would be good too =P
Looking for advice to advance. I run mp5 comfortably, if slowly. I feel my biggest needs are DPS (obv) and resistances. In regards to spec should I be using gloom rather than lingering fog? If I do then I might be able to switch my loh gear. Or I could go for better loh gear and keep my ability to fly around the map. Kinda torn on it myself. Opinions?
Gloom is always good because it lasts for 5 seconds, with good Disc regeneration you can pop it multiple times in a row while just standing there.
I'd look at getting some Vile Wards for your shoulders. There's a reason everyone has them. They'll roll you more dex then what you've got plus a 70-80 All resist roll.
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In regards to spec should I be using gloom rather than lingering fog?

Definitely! And use Cinder Arrow + Nightstalker to better fuel it. Cinder Arrow's DoT stacks and is very nice for buffering out the lifesteal in between shots.
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Or I could go for better loh gear

You don't need any LoH gear. Practice using gloom in a timely fashion.
You can also practice "snapshotting" gloom with Shuriken cloud. First cast gloom, then cast shuriken cloud. The lifesteal will last for the entire duration of shuriken cloud.
Smokescreen is only used in pvp. (I'm a legacy nat, and even I don't use smokescreen in pve).
did a couple of the upgrades you suggested. 195K 355K
Get Inna belt with 8% holy dmg^ and higher dex.
@ StiMMarine

You can do better on that Mempo. 9% IAS, higher Dex, 12% IAS. Should be a "side" grade to cost you almost nothing if you sell your helm well. It's not really a side grade though since it would get you 1% IAS (don't knock that 1% man, a lot of people do it's unwise), 2% HP, and higher dex, probably for nothing. Good luck!
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@Oscar I'm thinking your pants or DML could get some more EHP there.
@BurningJC007 very nice gear... I'm assuming you're comfortable with 30 disc so I'll say the ammy would be next. You could take your chances at BoA crafting for either a dps or AR boost.

I'm looking to upgrade my male DH. dps is really low, but I want to keep the Legacy Nat's set and I'm still trying out builds. I want something tanky with high disc spending.

Remove Legacy Nats but overall on the right path! Just smill incremental upgrades like crit chance and damage.
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