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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you part 2.

@tantric yeah ur dude is awesome but where the f did you get those zunni boots?
Looking for advice, thanks for your help!
First piece of advice, don't skip players in the line to get your advice before they could get theirs.

Second, its a toss up for me either the Manti or the DML. BOTH could use upgrades.
@ glycerine, hard to say bc you are obv in your mg gear. If this is you're normal gear, I say go ammy upgrade.

have you thought about getting a pair of inna's pants with 140+ vit or all res? dex would drop a bit, but you already have a good amount of dps... and yeah you seem to lack resistance!

I would keep crafting ammy's to get some CD, then ofcourse a mempo with crit. Other than that it looks good!
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Trying to see what the best upgrade for the Demon Hunter would be!?!

You got some really nice stuff! especially that wf!

I would keep crafting bracers until you get one with more beneficial stats.

try to craft an ammy with a higher CD and you can also upgrade your gems.


the AH.
@tantric Uh, you need a... uh.... Yeh....
Since Dalcoan couldn't think of anything and since im no expert I would say @tantricfuel could try switching some of your gear for some Nat's stuff to get the 7% crit chance bonus.
And to @Dalcoan I think you could get a 2 socket Manticore or craft some more shoulders in hopes of getting one with CC or CD.
@TomSlayz, that manticore is really low DPS... You can find a 2 socket version of that for a million or so. Time to upgrade that weapon!
NoL: Probably the two biggest upgrades would be your boots and pants. Both are pretty low dex. Got to say though, nice ammy.
@Velkroe I would deffinetly say it would be your manticore. You can get a 1100 dps 2 sockets for a pretty good price. I got mine for 30m
@bodmonswag amulet and hellfire ring I'd say.
@ccbq. Blows me out the water
@Blackside: Your weapon appears to be your weak spot atm (though it's really not bad for what it is). Looking nice and solid overall, though ^.^ Get that weapon sorted and you're in good shape. Nice work on that DH =)
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@tiakatt - I think your boots could be upgraded fairly cheaply, and your gems would be a big upgrade across the board.........................................

i would say craft a high dex + trifecta amulet would be best. second would be a 10cc/20ias/300+dex deadmans quiver

Crit chance on your crafted Ammy.
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