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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you part 2.


You can consider upgrading your rings and your belt to a better version of Inna's with either all resist or vitality.

To whoever suggests an upgrade for me, disregard my Vile Ward, that is only for farming since it provides me with +7 pickup radius. I have a good alternate shoulder with 297 Dex, 77 Vit, 77 All Resist (and some other primary stats).

Edit: Ignore my gems too, Marquise on armor is a very minor boost and that also comes at the cost of 5M per gem you want to respec if you want to change from Dex to Vit and back.
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@Iria I think your boots and Nats ring could be better, avg damge or crit dmg on the ring possibly?
Option A: ditch the 4-set nat for Mempo + Ice climbers + 2set bonus
Option B: inna's temperance
Option C: get 2-set bonus for legacy Nats + new Nats (for the massive CC bonus which will fuel nightstalker more than the +20 max discipline ever can)

BTW, AWESOME crafts. Those shoulders are better than top VW's. Amulet is very nice too. How many crafts did it take to get those? Nice work!

hehe just crafted another pretty nice ammy, slotted on right now, since it had ar it allowed me to drop the ar in the pants and go with option b, innas temperance. Still lost like 30k ehp from the ammys life% but i can recover that as i level, i did gain 11k dps though.

now i can start crafting bracers.
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your gears are very awesome hard to say which one is the next upgrade , may be your ammy with more cd % ,and one question why are you using zunimassa boot ,for poison dm ? or vit ?

Definitely an all round build - I would say at this point maybe your ammy would be next. I saw one in AH afew hours ago for around 5mil ish that had 8+ chc and 80% cd with avg dmg and dex (Super cheap and most definitely gone now...) Again, your build is solid. Possible have fun crafting some more gloves/shoulders - see if u can get that Trifecta everyone is after ;)

-Higher Vit Inna pants
-Bola Shot DML
-Reroll shoulders. Vit / AR is a must
-Amulet with EHP
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Evilbunz has stripped his char so idk.

help me plz!

ignore hellfire plz
@Finally - you need to get back onto your D3 profile. heh
ok plz lemme know. i have 7.5m and havent played in a couple weeks, so mayb crafting? thanks!
Well, I'd say your biggest upgrades would be a mempo with +crit or good shoulders with +ar and %life. Either of those would be out of your 7.5m range, but you can probably craft up some decent shoulders without too much hastle. The ones i'm wearing I got after only 10 tries, and said heck with it, good enough for now, and I'm working on a better bracer now.
I could use some help. A friend said he would give me 20 million. Let me know. Thanks.
Pretty sure your friend was lying haha.
Maybe upgrade your bracers if you can find a good Rare or Strongarm, as the move speed on 3 items seems redundant.
@Mifkin, looks like you're going for solid survivability for Strafe. Looks like you're pretty tanky.

I'd recommend trying out crafting Shoulders and possibly an ammy/bracers. Crafting is super cheap and could definitely net you an upgrade on any of those 3 slots.

Also might be worth considering a +crit strafe nats chest, but I see yours does have pretty solid stats.
Manticore with 2 sockets, DML with 300DEX and Neck with IAS/Crit/CritDMG, just craft some.
@ InTeNsO

Get better nat boots with 250 + dex or craft better shoulder!
keep it up

IMO, I'd get more EHP by crafting bracers with AR and sacrificing some dex if needed.

I'd say maybe get higher dex nat boots, but overall you already have an amazing gear but im just wondering why you put a ruby instead of and emerald in your calamity because you have good CC.
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Super nice shoulder craft. Good work!
Next upgrade would be either double-socket manticore, or switching your rare ring (fate wisp) to full trifecta.
Casta love the top.shelf gear. Not much room for improvement aside from a better ring or a higher dex WH
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Casta love the top.shelf gear. Not much room for improvement aside from a better ring or a higher dex WH

Thanks Oscar.
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