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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you part 2.

not much osccar, perhaps you could craft a better ammy, but other than that pretty nice
@ sirpoops - Maybe a higher AS% on your Deadman's?

I've got like 20M and I can't find anything all that great to upgrade...looking for ideas for gears I maybe haven't though of.
I would say try to improve your bracers with lacuni prowlers, or even better but more expensive, get a witching hour belt. They start at round 6m iirc.

As for me, I'm intending to drop my ring for a hellfire one. The nats ring I need for my 4 set bonus. I know it needs improvement, but can't afford a real good one now. Working on crafter ammy.
looking to hit the 200k dps mark. i don't have a huge budget, maybe 50mill or so
You could use some attack speed on your gloves or bracers. Good dex and hp.
@Zoso I would say a manticore with 2os and dex as well as the new craft gloves which may roll out better than ur current one.
very very nice DPS,
I think your next upgrade is Mempo of Twilight which have a same stat as your Andariel's Visage

DML with a skill bonus you'll actually use! HA, bola, or something!

To whoever rates me - Low budget, looking to improve both EHP and DPS. Don't say 2soc manti please - upgrades are way out of budget

for 3m, look for a ring with dex, all resistance and 4.5cc 30 cd. a socket and mf would be a bonus.

Thanks. I used a ruby because it gives me roughly 13k more dps than a marquise emerald would give me. It's a calamity thing.

SKIP ME and RATE ghozty
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Get rad star emeralds in your manticore. I can't believe you can afford a 1300+ 2soc manticore and can't afford to put better gems there.

You may get a bigger dps gain if you swap out one of your radiant star emeralds to a ruby on your manticore.

Other than my bow, what should I upgrade next?
@ipoker.... Probably your rare ring. Need more Ias somewhere and the ring is only ok. A lot of your other gear is really good. Your ammy also has no dex and no Ias. Seems like I can spare the vit.

What about mine? Besides the bows. I really want to make these work I'm anti manti
@DarkSayain if you're comfortable with your current EHP and you're really good at kiting, I would suggest to go for a Nat ring, best if it has some CC on it (that can be expensive) so you keep the IAS and get the 130 Dex set bonus.

If you want to have some more EHP I would suggest to go calamity/DML and drop the Danetta set.
I changed manticore to WF since I got bored with manticore

Now i play with double chakram+poison traps with 50%+5%+5% knockbacks

any similar DH can share the experiences? I love this build currently! although I lost nearly 80k dps lol
any suggestions for me?, keep in mind I don't have 99999999999999999999999 trillion of gold like everyone here, my drop rate sucks along with my luck so I don't have any way at all to get money
I'm needing some help too. stuck at 250kdps for the longest time

I get higher dps with 2 emeralds compared to ruby + emerald at the rad star level. I'm not sure about marquis level, but I will definitely check before committing that much money.

Whoever is next should rate Ereshkigal since he was the last person in this thread to actually rate someone.

Your gearing looks similar to mine, largely spiketrap elemental arrow. The cc and cd you stack does nothing much for the turrent so you might be better off socketing the manti with rubies.

your life and ar seems low as well so perhaps you are compromising too much on your gear for MF.

of course, cheapest upgrades would be the emeralds but i bet you could swap out your mf gear for more speed, cc or cd bonuses
Deus: I didn't know rare XBs could go that high on DPS. :-o

Seriously, though, the only thing I can think of that might be a big advantage would be swapping out one of your rings + your belt for a Witching Hour and a Nat's ring (so you still get the 130 DEX bonus).
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