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back after two months

After a lengthy break I have a few general questions I'd love to get some thoughts on from some of you cats.

Are people still running lower MP's for paragon leveling?

What about for drops?

Also, are there any sweet new builds out?

I realize there's a ton of things to play around with for pvp, but at this point I'm just looking for leveling info. At least till I finish grinding up to 100.

Thanks yo's!
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The lower MP speed running philosophy still exists, although the supporters of this philosophy are much less vocal about the advantages of doing it.

It is really a play style choice now, with no clear advantage over a higher MP player.

More drops, low MP, better drops, high MP.

All the more popular builds are posted in the Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350275486 stickied at the top of the forum.
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Something that should be mentioned is that WD will never, ever be able to run the higher MPs as good as, say, a CM Wiz. At the same time, we can run lower MPs as fast, if not faster, than any other class in the game. Because of that fact, I would guess, most people run lower MPs (including myself).

As far as builds go, I think zero cooldown dog sacrifice builds are kind of the flavor of the month.
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You don't have to be a speed demon in higher MP to make it worth while. I have 500% experience boost on MP9, I'm leveling at a decent rate (without rubies or Hellfire), and I like playing high MP.

We have several WDs that frequent the board and run MP10. What does it matter what a CM Wiz can do?

Can you run a low MP and level faster than another WD on high MP? Maybe.

I think it's more of a playing preference now, with no clear cut answer.
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Perhaps, but the CM Wiz comparison is still sound, for nothing else to demonstrate that while you can earn more experience for paragon leveling on higher MPs, we, as Witch Doctor's, have to clear fast enough that the experience bonuses outpace the reduced clearing time. Many other classes can outpace this curve much better than we can. Thereby, its not a long-reaching assumption that for most WDs, playing on a lower monster power, for paragon farming or drops, is the correct choice.

I can easily clear out MP10, but its slow enough that it isn't worth the paragon leveling. If we're talking about gear drops, demonic essences, or key farming, that's an entirely different matter, and highly subjective. But, if we're discussing experience for paragon leveling, it can be clear cut. Simply gauge what experience you can earn after an hour on multiple monster power settings.

Just because you can run MP10, doesn't mean you can do it efficiently. Can it be more enjoyable? Sure, but that has nothing to do with efficiency.

Edit: Darn typos.
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You have presented the ups and downs of both play styles fairly.

I'm glad you presented the efficiency XP point of view again.
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Agree with the above. For me running acid cloud on mp1 I can get additional bonuses that add greatly to the exp gain, like the mighty blows and number of monster kills. In one room today I was able to clear 90 plus monsters in a couple seconds for a 12k bonus boost. I can almost/pretty much gain a plevel per act3 run and this is without any bonus exp on my gear.
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So what's the best build for WD farming in low MP0? Acid rain? I picked up Visage where it gives me 6cc with 6cc Acid Rain although I built my WD for bear charger mainly.

WD is my side project. I have been slowing gearing my WD that goes well with my wiz gears. I tried to run WD in MP7 last night testing my new WD gears and it was not even close to being efficient as my wiz. Alot of moving, running, kiting, etc etc.

so for I want to use WD for low MP. Can I use bear charger for fast farm in low mp too?
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Probably acid rain with Gruesome Feast and Grave Injustice. Soul Harvest with Vengeful Spirit. Also that Horrify rune that increases movement speed (can't recall the name). Perhaps Spiritual Attunement to alleviate mana costs.

Bears can be useful, but mostly just for elites. They are overkill for most of the trash. Acid Rain is basically the largest AoE in the game, so assuming you can one or two shot mobs with it, it's really the way to go on trash mobs. Bears will simply do too much damage. :) Unless of course you want to play on a higher MP where Acid Rain is no longer as effective, then I'm sure Bears would be fine.
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02/25/2013 05:44 AMPosted by GamerObscura
Something that should be mentioned is that WD will never, ever be able to run the higher MPs as good as, say, a CM Wiz

This is likely true, but if you have a comparably equipped CM Wiz *and* WD, you will run the higher MPs together faster than either one of you would alone. Add a Cylone-Strike monk to the team and result is GG.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys!

I think it's worth mentioning that with 220k unbuffed dps I can comfortably run any MP level and almost any build I feel like doing by switching a gem or my pants. That said, I was mostly curious as to the general philosophies floating around are. Philosophies and/or generalities that aren't dependent on gear, and you guys have answered my questions more or less.

I supposed it's a good thing that "the sweet spot" xp grind is a lot more up for interpretation now. I'll just do a couple tests and figure it out :)

It seems clear that drops are still the highest at lower MP, so long as you aren't dipping too low. Just more dice to roll.

Sadly, it looks like the builds are all the same at the moment! The only one I still haven't played with it Zdogs, but not too interested so whatevs.

Thanks again for helping me get caught up!!
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This is likely true, but if you have a comparably equipped CM Wiz *and* WD, you will run the higher MPs together faster than either one of you would alone. Add a Cylone-Strike monk to the team and result is GG.

I second that!

And nice WD BigRed :)
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