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Can help to rate my CM wizard?

Hi there! I am new to the forum, just hoping to seek some advices on further improving my CM wizard: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/daveng-6326/hero/29307356

Thanks in advance.
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drop your speed back down to 2.73 or 3.01 and use a storm crow.

No reason to use spectral blades. Arcane power shouldn't be an issue.
Switch to cold blooded instead of astral for starters.

Then work out better armor and AR to use shocking aspect over prismatic armor.
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Thanks for your advice Comrade. I am still looking out for items with better AR but they're so costly, or else i will have to sacrifice some other attributes in exchange for better AR. So thats why I am still sticking to prismatic for the time being.

Btw, does is work better to drop my AS to below 3? I am currently at 3.38 and realized the high AS = fast arcane consumption despite I have 19 arcane on crit. I do have a stormcrow but it will reduce my armor, while it increases my arcane on crit by another 10.
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2.73 is mathematically the most efficient and you have the correct wand for 54%
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Thanks for that. Btw the reason i use spectrum blade is becoz i thought it might proc crit chance and LoH better. Any advice to which skill I should switch to for better proc?
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02/26/2013 09:21 PMPosted by daveng
Any advice to which skill I should switch to for better proc?

Wicked Wind?
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I uses both wicked wind and spectrum blade as both have good proc rate. Any other?
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you only need one. that spec blades slot could be a buff or teleport. you only have that many attack turns.
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Cool, I might most likely go for buff over teleport, probably force weapon or sparkflint to increase my dps.

I am also considering to get a 1.65 Chant Will with socket for crit damage, is that a good move?
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Like Comrade said, drop energy armor and use Shocking Aspect, even if you have to lower the MP. It adds a tremendous amount of effective dps and greatly increases farming efficiency. Only use Energy Armor for high MP ubers if you need the extra EHP.

If you drop down to 3.0 or 2.73 APS that means you can replace your pants with some high resist pants, either just rare pants or BT pants. If you get rare pants, get a lot of vit also, as you can use the extra HP. You can also replace your visage with the storm crow, which will let you swap your OH for one without APoC but higher damage for much cheaper (and you can pick up some extra vit on the OH, or str for armor, and of course high int (200-250+). With the LoH from SC, and if you get BT pants, you won't need Loh from your Amulet, so you can instead grab some dps in that slot. If you drop to 2.73 APS I think that means you can neglect IAS on your amulet, so you can get a crit/CD/average damage/Int amulet, or something like that depending on budget.

Also, shoulders are getting very cheap right now, so you can pick up some vit there, and even a bit more str for extra armor if needed. Alternatively you can start crafting some if you have any DEs. The starting Int on those is already going to be higher than your current VW.
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Nice, thanks all for your good advices, definitely helps! I'll try to play around mix and match to get the best combi. Good to know about the 2.73-3 efficiency for APS!
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