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That's very similar to the tankard bola spec. What I will do is add in the options into the OP and mention their uses in high mp defense.
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would like to mention something else i notice, and would like your input as well.

in the OP, under clusters you mention that all the extra disc allows you to spam disc dps abilities, which is spot on. However, in your post, and most DHs seem to take caltrops/jagged for this purpose.

in my opinion thats a mistake, wouldnt vault/trail be a more efficient use of that slot?
1)id rather break cc, reposition quickly out of a bad situation then slow mobs
2)300% vs 270%
3)3 secs vs 6 secs (faster dmg)
4)has a proc coefficient for loh and on hit effects, jagged do not.

am i missing something that would make caltrops more viable than vault (not counting specs that use cull of the weak)? Both are spammable, and i think in an excessive disc build the 2 extra disc is negligible.
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The reason I choose Jagged Spikes is because you don't have to move and reposition and it affects all of he enemies already around you. I agree that ToC has great merit as well, but really like the kill box you create with the Cluster Grenades, Spike Traps, and Jagged Spikes. I will add it in to the section as a viable alternative to meet play style. I will even experiment some tomorrow with it too. The trouble I foresee using the Vault is that it draws you away from your traps unless you rebound vault to your original position (or close to it avoiding fire piles and frost bombs). Still, I think the idea holds great merit. I will test and repost tomorrow.
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i see what youre saying about the caltrops being on you which is useful for mobs that stack on you, but consider the flipside of that as well.

for packs that tend to run around, trail of cinders not only adds a quick and directed attack, it also helps you actually chase them down faster.
for ubers placing the trail is as easy and effective as caltrops, plus chase down ZK.

finally, for mobs that do tend to stand on top of you perhaps the caltrops perform better, however, those types of packs are generally easier and die much faster, its the runners that piss me off.
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You know what, I've been poking around with the Vault ToC and I absolutely love it, it's a different style for sure, but the damage potential isn't the same since the Vault takes a significant amount more time to execute than dropping the Caltrops. I haven't found the repositioning to be a great problem, but being able to get out of sticky situations is quite helpful. I was particularly happy to have it when fighting against a rare Dune Dervish (giant guys that Whirlwind) while in the VoTA. I can survive getting stuck in their WW, but boy did it take the pressure off.

Edit: I just realized that I had actually written about ToC use in my Cluster Grenade thread. I'm glad i finally got around to using it. hehe
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I've tried both ToC and Caltrops. ToC is better for ubers, but otherwise I prefer Caltrops overall. I think it's more a playstyle thing.

Just wanted to ask- I know Jagged Spikes doesn't proc LOH, but during gloom it does help recover life faster because of the increased damage right? I'm amazed that I can basically permagloom facetank MP6 with only 380 AR.

@Oscar, if you don't mind would you please kindly just quickly scan my profile for which gear I should upgrade... the calamity I have right now was just a 500k test bow for this cluster build. Should I go Calamity with socket, or go Witching Hour/Inna's Chest route? Only have 20mil atm :/
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@ Lando

You've got really excellent armor stats, so you've really got some rockin' mitigation going on regardless of your "only" 380 AR. For the record, mine is lower, as is my armor. I can tank in MP10, save standing in fire and poison.

There are a lot of areas in which you can improve your gear Lando. I would say that you should definitely get crafting on your gloves. You can beat your current ones out fairly easily. As well, you could look on the AH and see what's available since prices are lower thanks to the crafting craze.

Your Calamity also needs a socket. ;-) Those are not easy to come by nor are they cheap.

Good luck friend
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up.... someone needs to bump this once a week.
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This needs to be stickied...
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Haha still waiting on Blues to either comment on why no player written stickies have been hoisted to the top. There are several good candidates I think
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bump for front page!
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I'd like to see what other Windforce users are using for specs before I post up a "commonly used build" as is the namesake of this thread. What skills are most common amongst WF users?
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is what i'm using on mp4-6. profile isn't updated but i do use a windforce :P
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Very nice recompilation of builds. Good job (Y)
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One of the best threads in here.
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Sticky requested
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Like the OP also please!
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