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[GUIDE] DH Builds, Info, and FAQ UPDATE 9/914

I will make an addendum to the main post in a short while.
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tho mortal enemy sucks when theres another DH using mark of death :(
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05/16/2013 09:37 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
tho mortal enemy sucks when theres another DH using mark of death :(

yeah I encountered this last night a lot when someone kept over-riding my ME for their MFD.
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Doesn't different runes stack?
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05/16/2013 03:15 PMPosted by Josef
Doesn't different runes stack?

Almost 100% certain that I lost my hatred gain when other MFD cast on my target. I'll test it again just for laughs though
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I'm in a game now, my MFD ME gets over-ridden by another players MFD and I stop gaining hatred while channelling RF. The only stacking MFD I think is the Calamity one
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Thanks, good to know.
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Hi Oscar,

Iria posted some great DH gearing tips in the Brawling forum. I think these would be a good addition to the end of the PvP section in your guide. You can find his post here:


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Oh great idea Fatum! I haven't ever been to the Brawling forum, this is pretty fantastic! I will read it over and make the addendum in a few hours or days.
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Link added in! thanks for the suggestion Fatum! I appreciate this especially as I can't have eyes on all the forums! If you guys see information you think is pertinent to this thread, please notify me here!
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This is the build that ive been using for a while on ubers that i think can be put in with the Bola/Spike trap build.


Entangling shot Shock Collar for disc/hatred procs while farming
Rapid Fire Fire Support for your main DPS spender
Smoke Screen for your get out of jail card/ also to avoid damage and still keep using Rapid Fire
Marked For Death Mortal Enemy to help with hatred regen as well as a party buff
Shadow Power Nightbane/Gloom for either extra hatred or extra surviveability
Companion Bat for extra hatred

Nighstalker for Discipline regen
Steady Aim as you should be at least 10 yards away in all uber fights
Archery for extra DPS, or even Cull the Weak if you have a CM WIZ with a Slow Bubble

I realise this is heavily based on hatred regen and is more applicable to Calamity users than Manticore users but most of the skills are still applicable for whatever type of weapon your useing.
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@ Bob778 - There is an entire rapid fire build section
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I didn't see anybody mention it, but the root effect from Thrill of the Hunt snapshots as well. Combined with High velocity you can stop a pretty big mob in its tracks for a second, which is marginally useful to a solo player and stupidly powerful in multiplayer, especially now that Blizzard is worthwhile.
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I wonder if infinite Chakram deserves a mention... I have been running it lately, and it's amazing.
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Build - The Cold Hearted Suppressor

This build is a variant of DiEoxidE's Stone Cold Hunter. The core concept remains the same, yet the play style is drastically different.


For those DHs out there who haven't read it yet, here is the link to DiEoxidE's original post wherein he has links to videos explaining in great detail how this style of build works.


The genesis of this build was pure happenstance, I was searching for an HA cold SoJ when I saw a cold MS one for dirt cheap and picked it up (I have since upgraded to near perfect MS SoJ). Anyway, this got me to thinking and here's what I came up with.

(I believe this variant of the Stone Cold Hunter is well suited to Dual Wielders as we have a lot of crit damage, I'm at 500+%, and the MS skill bonus on the SoJ is crit chance, which also happens to be one of our weak spots as we don't get the 10% cc from the DML).

The Build

MS - Suppression Fire is the star of this build. It dishes out damage in a wide arc and slows all the mobs, thus enabling Cull the Weak to take effect on a large scale. Additionally, by incorporating Preparation - Punishment into the build I can spam Suppression Fire on mid to large groups.

The build has a circular synergy aspect to it, where your hatred is converted to disc by using Suppression Fire and vice-versa with Punishment. This balancing of hatred and discipline makes this build a real joy to play; it also complements my Danetta's set really well. :)


I ran through the Hollows in Act I on MP7 and when I came upon a horde of undead minions I would unleash a volley of MS and step/vault back if needed; if not, I unleash volley after volley of MS (I was three or four shotting mobs if I remember correctly), using Punishment as needed (my disc is at 49). With MS chilling the mobs, it was very easy to stay ranged and maintain SA.

For elites, I ran into some RD-Vortex-Molten-Waller, I used Shadow Glide to Step around some trees and placed my sentries. MS was used mainly to fuel Shadow Glide as opposed to Punishment as the elites where RD.

So far this builds performance is stellar. Having MS benefit from Cull the Weak nearly 100% of the time is just awesome.


You can try Tropicalypso's Bola Shot tactic (load up mobs with a few bolas and then let 'em have it with Suppression Fire, which snares them just before the Bolas explode for the Cull benefit).

I'm currently experimenting with incorporating Bait the Trap into this build (after testing it, I didn't feel like it synergized well with this build as it used just enough dicipline to be a nuisance).
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Great thread - I thought I would share the build I finished Inferno with, and really enjoy:


My gear is pretty garbage right now - I spent less than 500k gold on the Natalya's and the rest is drops. With the bat, I have enough Hatred generation to sustation Rapid Fire indefinitely (8/s) with this weapon.

Weapon - this build needs a slow weapon so you can sustain the Rapid Fire. That may seem counter-intuitive, but if the weapon is too fast you won't be able to sustain Rapid Fire very long and will need more health globes (see Vengeance) or rely on turrets.

RMB - Vault - I use this as my escape tool, especially since it can get out of Jail.

1 - Caltrops - Spikes - I got an Embrace that has 9% Spike damage add, and the slow is great. It's a good escape tool, and offensive tool for damage while I have to move.

2 - Sentry - Aid Station - I sometimes go to the shield one, too. Sentry is a great tool for damage when you can't stand still to use Rapid Fire, especially combined with well placed spike traps.

3 - Preparation - Battle Scars - an oh-!@#$ button for both Health and Discipline (often to then Vault).

4 - Companion - Bat - the extra Hatred regeneration is necessary to be able to sustain Rapid Fire indefinitely with this weapon.


Vengeance - the Hatred regeneration through health globes is the key here, helping replenish Hatred when you have to move and Rapid Fire repeatedly, since Rapid Fire costs a ton more to start than sustain.

Sharpshooter - this one is optional, any of the various damage-add passives will do

Custom Engineering - 3 1-minute turrets, and 6 spike traps is great
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Does anyone know of one that is just sick at immobilizing and slowing the heck out of enemies. I'm thinking for ubers in a group with my friends, this would benefit some of the barbs if I could keep them stunned and slowed
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08/31/2013 03:52 PMPosted by w0lfe
Does anyone know of one that is just sick at immobilizing and slowing the heck out of enemies. I'm thinking for ubers in a group with my friends, this would benefit some of the barbs if I could keep them stunned and slowed

You could try something like this:
But it won't really provide any damage, also if you intend on being the CC of the party, you should switch to a calamity so you can get shots off faster and have a higher chance to stun through a higher shot frequency.

Read Oscar's uber sections, because other then a pure RF(nyan snapshotting) or ST build, your not gonna get much better then what he suggests.

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A specialized stunning build would not be included in this common builds thread. Thanks for the response on my behalf TastySoup! I do check in from time to time. ;-)
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You can add my more elaborate guide to the list:

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