Diablo® III

How much do un-ID items typically go for?

Is there some kind of agreed-upon standard price for all un-ID items? (the L60 ones of course)

Is it a certain percentage of the price of a "good roll" for that item?

Are there some items that are especially prized due to duping, etc.?

Is it generally better to sell things un-ID if I'm focusing on making gold?

I'm trying to start earning money but my only real options seem to be selling un-IDed legendaries or playing the AH inbetween those few good rares.

Just wondering. I sold an un-ID echoing fury for 5.5 mil so that more than doubled my current gold, and I've only dropped around 5mil on my WD total anyway.
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It really depends, and after spending a lot of time in the Trading channels in-game you'll notice there are no standard prices for anything.

Un-IDed items sell for less than their iLvl equivalents because of the inherent uncertainty associated with them. As someone who now has 25 million gold from selling rares and legendaries I've farmed (which I know isn't much these days when things sell for billions of gold) my advice would be to ID the items - you might roll trifecta gloves/amulet/ring and then sell it for 75 million, and so on.

Makes 5.5 million not seem worth selling the un-IDed items... but there's always the chance it's a junk roll and you could have made more off the un-IDed version. However in my experience the net profit is always greater from ID-ing them first, as you'll roll more 50 million-valued pieces than sell 10 x 5.5 million-valued pieces un-IDed in the Trading channels.

Hope that helped a bit :)
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