Diablo® III

D3 is a PVP game

There's someone obstinate, at Blizzard company, always repeating "Blizzard is not a PVP game".

After the poll, we learnt 80% of players wanted this game beeing PVP, a balanced PVP, as D2 has always been, for its ending part, a PVP game too.

Majority is always right, players asking a PVP game, Blizzard must listen or die.

So now what is doing Blizzard for making the PVP balanced ?

They can easily create or change rules only when we pop in the scorched chapel, so WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR ????
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D3 actually isn't a PvP game. But PvP is fun, and certainly would be even more fun if it was balanced.

There are plenty of unused skills in PvE that they could easily buff to make useful in PvP without destroying balance in PvE. Like Wave of Force. :p
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when I q for d3, my mind is I going to pawn my friend. then when I play d3 after 3 months, still no pvp then I qui, so now after 8 motnhs pvp came and I am back. I believe there a lot of ppl also like this.
if d3 not a pvp game, what for getting top gear, and training.

lastly strongest opponent is always human, blizz keep saying this game is not pvp, maybe due to too many cry baby, said this too hard that too hard, then open pvp, ppl cry op, imba, buff please all such.
such a casual game how to be pvp oriented, u know last time when I am small, I play this game call maple story, those 2d games, that look like hellokitty, this is a pve game to me
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The only reason that D2 lasted so long is because of pvp.
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02/28/2013 07:52 AMPosted by Peyman

bees aaaaaaah watch out for the stingers
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this games horrible no pvp for a game that is only made for pvp? who the !@#$ keeps farming and farming to beat monster powers? seriously monster power might aswell be prestige mode on call of duty, they are making this game for the play station anyway Cya blizzard after this failure i bet you have only 1-2 wow expansions left in you until you have to go bankrupt...i mean the best selling game in history only has 2000 active multi player lobbies at 1030 pm on a friday
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