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New Barb.. Help for surviving higher MP's..

So I'm new to the Barbarian. I just got bored with my demon hunter.. Any tips on how or what I can do with my barb to make her more sustainable at higher mp level's? Currently I can only do Ubber runs at mp3. And any higher and it's just a joke. I want to be able to farm for keys and organs, but I can't. And the drop rates of the lower MP level's are a laugh. I don't care about Legendary/Set items. I can farm those with ease on my DH. But I can't do high level MP ubbers with either. Any tips on what I should do with her, skills, gear, etc...

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Get at least 6 LS if you want to use a Skorn.

Life is a tad low. Push for at least 40K - 50K. You need a bigger life pool since Skorn is very slow (low APS = less healing).

Use www.d3rawr.com/d

Import your profile and check your tDPS and how far you are from the breakpoints. Your life and Fury are generated by the Sprint nados.
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lol check out my barb, i just solo'ed ubers at MP4 today.

i used HotA for keys and ubers. give that a try n see where ur mileage take u.

also, i farm keys at MP5 with my current gear
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Your skill build seems a little erratic. At higher gear levels something like that might work, but not with where your gear is now.

First, either focus solely on a WW build or a proper 2H build. While your 34% on-gear attack speed isn't bad, it's not near enough to make Skorn a viable choice for WW.
My suggestion is this:
Switch whirlwind for Rend w/ Lifesteal rune. The #1 go-to source for life sustain.
Switch War Cry for Battle Rage w/ Marauders Rage. Crank that DPS up. right now you're using War Cry to fix the lack of health in your gearset. Your resists are fine, and your armor can be fixed later.
Switch Sprint for Wrath w/ Insanity. All the DPS for those tough elite packs, and immunity to Freeze/Jail is a bonus.
Switch Unforgiving to Tough As Nails. Fixes your armor issue, since you no longer need the massive Fury regen.

Now that your skills are more in line you need to up your Health without dropping reisists.
First I'd drop the Innas pants for something with a nice big fat chunk of VIT. You can probably find a nice pair of Blackthorn's with 175+ vit and two sockets (more vit) for less than 30 million. Doing that should give you 11k more life at least, putting you from squishy to average.
Next I'd swap around boots and helm. Get a IK helm with 175+ Str and either VIT or All Resist for the extra roll. Then, get a pair of Ice Climbers with 190+ Str and some VIT to replace the boots. This keeps your 2 piece IK, while beefing up you health pool significantly. Yeah you'll lose some dps, but the survivability will offset it in higher MP's.
You also don't "need" +Movespeed with a 2H build. It's a nice quality of life stats to make things faster, but it's just not necessary when you're standing face to face and trading blows with the bad guys, rather than twirling all around in whirlwind.

Eventually down the line you'll want to get a pair of trifecta gloves and trifecta rings as well.

Lastly, you should be using Enchantress (armor and speed) or Scoundrel (crit) instead of Templar as your follower.
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02/25/2013 07:20 AMPosted by Parihelion
First I'd drop the Innas pants for something with a nice big fat chunk of VIT. You can probably find a nice pair of Blackthorn's with 175+ vit and two sockets (more vit) for less than 30 million. Doing that should give you 11k more life at least, putting you from squishy to average.

I would not do this. Considering you seem to be investing in crafted rare bracers, you need to get the additional 12% Movespeed from somewhere. If you choose to stack EHP on bracers, then stick with high vit roll inna pants (can roll up to 200). If you are moving to lacuni's/IK boots, then I would agree to get rare pants with good EHP stats.

There are many combinations, but I would caution losing 24% movespeed will effect your WoTB uptime.

Edit: Remember giving up inna's also gives up a very much needed slot of IAS for two-hander hota/rend builds.

Ultimately it is your decision...
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I should have been a bit more clear. I was giving advice with the recommendation that he move away from a WW build to a 2H build.

Attack Speed is actually the worst attack stat for a 2H build. It's NOT bad, just not as good as Crit/Crit Damage are. When everything dies in 2-3 hits what does it matter if your speed is 1.2 or 1.3 .. whoop de doo i saved .3 of a second. After 3 fights I shaved off a whole second!

If he wants to WW then he should definitely NOT get rid of the +movespeed/+attackspeed items. They are far far more important in that build.
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Life steal skorn and rend blood lust have certainly helped me ALOT in the higher MP levels. feel free to look at my build. I can do MP7 comfortably. I have yet to try anything higher, but I am certainly I could probably go up to MP10. However, my resists are no quite up to snuff so I may have some trouble there. honestly the higher MP levels can get boring. It takes for-freaking-ever to take out some elite packs.
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Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it. I would like to move more towards a WW type build.. I find it fun more often then not.. what suggestions would you make for that? I do have both bul kathos swords and get the same LS as I do with my current skorn, 5.3%. But using them I lose my crit damage as well. Is it just that it would take longer to clear content with a WW build? Or is there another viable build I could you to clear more effectively?

I appreciate the advice you have given so far. It's actually kind of spot on. I know my build is a hodge podge of skills. I'm just looking for a direction to go to get it under control and not be all over the board.
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