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Having trouble keeping WotB up, need advice

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I can usually keep up WotB for a while, but i eventually get to the point where there is nothing to kill and it runs out before i find the next group of thing. Anybody have any tips on how to avoid this?
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From section 4 of Uberjager's guide:

Now that I have mentioned Wrath of the Berzerker, a common question I see on the message boards is how to maintain it indefinently. First thing's first: you need the Thrive on Chaos rune in order to do this, next, you need enough critical hit chance, IAS, and movement speed (more move speed = more tornado's produced from sprint) to be able to generate fury necessary to keep the buff. Also, the monsters must have enough health on whatever MP level you are on to support being hit enough to generate that fury. Beyond that, it is all dependent on tactics.

Wrath of the Berzerker is by far the best singular buff in the game, it gives you amazing offensive and defensive buffs along with crowd control immunity....who wouldn't want this buff 100% of the time? Keeping it maintained indefinently comes down to 2 things, generating enough fury, and spending excess fury.

Fury generated while at maximum of your globe does not increase the uptime of Wrath of the Berzerker, this is a VERY IMPORTANT thing to understand, and it is the cause of most people losing the buff. Fury generation is rarely the issue, but it is the gentle balance of spending the fury necessary so that all fury gained is applied to keeping the buff. In order to spend fury the Whirlwind has 2 consistently used skills that are able to accomplish such a task, Battle Rage and Sprint. These skills must be used when they can be in order to drop fury to a level where fury gained is applied toward keeping Wrath of the Berzerker.

I generate enough fury where during WW battle except on single target I can spam Battle Rage every time it is available, when I have a single target or so many enemies that I can't spend enough fury I like to double or triple tap the Sprint skill. A lot of people make their mistake on this....if you just continue to hit sprint constantly you will not produce tornados until the last use of the skill, it resets the tornados produced every time you click the skill, by double or triple tapping the skill, allowing 2-3 seconds for your tornados to produce, then repeating that you can effectively drop your fury and refill it without bottoming out your fury. Here is a video of me using such a tactic:


As you can see, the timer on my Wrath of the Berzerker does not count down hardly at all even on single targets, plus I am actually able to add time to the buff when I find a pack large enough to support the fury generation necessary.
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If you dont want to read the wall of text double tap sprint/battle rage when in WOTB mode.
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Leave the monster/s you are currently killing just before they run out of life but ensure that you left enough tornados that they will die before your tornados do. This ensures that you have the maximum amount of fury left to get to the next group. Check your wotb timer to know if you need to sprint to the next group or you can just run without using sprint. Always be mindful of BR being active and don't click on it if it is still active to save fury. Click OP before engaging the next monster/s to increase chances of BR proc.

If you can't play without a fury generator yet, then use one (bash, frenzy, cleave). This allows you to generate fury a second or two after running out of it. Even if you run out of fury, as long as your wotb timer has not run out, you have the chance to regain fury and reset the wotb timer.

Use Superstition to help generate fury.

Having problems starting a game without a fury generator? I simply replace one of my passives with Unforgiving and fill my fury globe in a few seconds, while still in town. Once fury is full, I replace it with Superstition again then waypoint to wherever I want to start playing, with full fury. :-)
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if you hold bash down and press spring & battle rage on a strong enemy you can refill from 1sec to the full duration of wotb. I used this because I'm no Wayneold at keeping wotb up with no fury generator.

Note if you look at my profile, I still have left click WW, right click sprint from trying to learn how to do it after watching WayneOld's videos hah! I can't go back now.
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pro tip from Master...fill up in town :)
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Not entirely apropos, but sometimes when my WOTB drops and I'm near the end of a dungeon, at a large break in mobs, or at any other down point in my run, I start ID'ing rares/inventory maintenance. Most people (unless they don't pick up anything) have to do it anyways at the end of the run, but doing it when WOTB is down saves you time at the end of the run, and that time can add up!
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