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If you were starting a new character...

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Hardcore and found-only. My internet connection is slightly wonky so I haven't done the first thing yet.

I may well look at doing this sometime this month though. Probably start with a wizard. That's what I like to play.

Yep. My characters are already mostly found-only, but I would go HC all the way. Fortunately my IP has been stable enough (knock on wood while throughing salt over my shoulder) that DCs and lag have not been issues.
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02/28/2013 08:33 AMPosted by papadanko
and the Wizard is just a jerk.

nah man, he's the best, especially paired with the Scoundrel.

Nothing against the design technically speaking; just thought his personality was jerky and didn't want to play as one for the longest time because of that fact. =)
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Eh honestly I would have done everything the same save for racing to inferno to quickly.
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wait until the expansion came out and/or the game dropping to $20 rather then $60... if even that or wait for a couple of months while the final product is being finished since we all know blizzard always releases half finished products
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Instead of stating them all at the same time (in two waves) I'd start one character ever 5 lvls or so, and level the characters like that. And I've started with a witch doctor rather then a wizard.
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Well since patch 1.07 I changed my play style. Almost uped my 5 hc characters to level 60. So much fun ( thanks red gems;D ).
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02/26/2013 06:11 AMPosted by Skovgaard
How about salvaging more low level items to craft at low levels? Anyone else have an opinion on this?

thats what i did when i started leveling alts, picking up blues and yellows, grinding whatever wasn't and upgrade then craft hoping i would get an upgrade.

and of course the big ruby gem for the headpiece.
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Try to stay away from the AH as much as possible it's just to easy to find an upgrade which takes 85% of the game away( items hunt).
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03/01/2013 07:44 AMPosted by Lendiggity
I would personally start in Hardcore instead of Normal, focus on crafting right off the bat, and pick up everything instead of holding Left CTRL + Mouse Over to see if it’s worth picking up or not. Also, I would initially roll with a Barbarian who uses nothing but 2-handers.

wait wait wait, you can left ctrl and mouse over items on the ground and see their stats?

Lol.. E-x-a-c-t-l-y what I thought! Damn.. you learn something every day! :)
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Being honest here:
I would not invest so much (just a dozen of millions) on resist gear right away.
I would invent the WW/EB wizard build
I would exploit the wizard tp/archon bug to farm A3 from the beginning and sell my profits
When the, bug had been fixed I would take a break to wait for improved leg with twice the drop rate / MP levels

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Reach 60 fast and do what im still doing right now, farm/exp runs.
I still lack a WD.
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i would get 4 copies of d3 and multibox. it's true that you have to gear/level 4 chars, but it's so sweet playing all 4 at once afterwards. (e.g. it'd be epic playing my wiz/monk/barb/dh at the same time).
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In softcore it has no reason to restart a character, it will have same stats, the levels will be the same, and weapons too. There's lack of customization there. Just using AH better.

It make sens to start a character in hardcore if new one or if previous was died.
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I try to hit lvl 60 in one day with all the exp + items i have farmed.

I'm thinking of starting a monk with all crafted and found items, no ah.
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