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Q on WD E-DPS and sustain

Hi folks. My main is a monk, and I'm trying to choose which toon to be my secondary. I originally chose the DH as she can get all my crafteds that don't work for the monk, but I find she kills so much more slowly relative to a monk of the same DPS, as her Effective DPS (EDPS) seems just too low.

I heard somewhere that WD have a good EDPS-paper DPS ratio, so was thinking maybe I'll go with the WD. More importantly, although she was my last toon to complete Inferno, I found her fun to play because it seemed so many skills were useful (perhaps because I didn't know what the heck I was doing). Is it in fact true that WD has high EDPS/DPS? If so, what builds maximize EDPS, particularly for elite packs? No need for recs on PvP builds, I'm not into that so much

My second question is sustain. In my profile she has 70k DPS, but no LS or LOH. I can drop her to 58k and use a 1H weapon with 2.4% LS and 4k more HP. I also have a 1H weapon w 550 LOH that drops DPS to around 65k. At 60k I have my doubts LS is that worthwhile, so was wondering what are your experiences in running builds not having LS or LOH on the weapons, what best runes / approaches to leech life back? And/or do you think I should focus on Rain of Toads and use the LOH weapon (and is that enough LOH)?

I want to see if I can keep my WD for now just self-found/crafted only, no AH. (if you're curious, 3 of the Zuni's were found later, I haven't played her with her current build at all, so I don't even know how it'll play different w Zuni's set.)

Thanks for any guidance!
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You may find this index helpful http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350275486?page=1

At low MPs, all builds will work, so there is a lot of fun in experiments and diversity. We have very good burst damage, but run out of mana, so the general rule of thumb is to do speed runs where we can 1-shot most white mobs. This is where we make full use of our buffs such as Soul Harvest and Gruesome Feast. Against elite packs, our buffed Intel often exceeds 4000, which makes all our spells hit much harder.

At high MPs, WDs are steamlined into 3 popular skills, Well of Souls, Acid Rain, and Zombie Bears. Mana is always a problem for us, we cannot maintain high ratios of e-DPS compared to Monks because we need to allocate 1 active skill, and 1-2 passive skills to replenish the mana. The cycling through skills damper the e-DPS ratio somewhat, maintaining a balance of gaining mana and spending mana. Also, there are fewer health globes at higher MPs, so GF passive becomes ineffective unless you have a 0-dog doctor in your team. The 0-dog doctor is a niche build and requires a few specific and very costly gear to accomplish.

WoS is a single target long range spell that has a multiplier of 4x if aimed accurately, WoS can go through walls too. Each bear does 236% and runs through your targets. Each cast launches 3 bears, and it is quite easy to position ourselves to get 2 out of 3 bears to hit the target. The bears can run through multiple targets in that same cast. So bears become our main damage dealer at high MPs. If there is only 1 target, WoS and Bears are about the same, depending on the size and movement speed of the target. With buffs on, the eDPS shoots way high.

Regarding life sustain:
LoH goes very well with Rain of Toads and Acid Rain. There are some WDs who play at high MPs with only LoH. Occasional single or double cast of Acid Rain, and they are back to full health.
LS goes well with every other skill, provided you have decent sheet DPS. When buffed WoS and Bears can crit over 1m damage, but the difference is that the Bear can hit multiple targets.

Because AC/Bears are extremely popular, many WDs have both LoH and LS, depending on which they want to cast. I suggest you try your LoH weapon with AC, and try your LS weapon with bears.

Coming from the Monk class, you'd already be familiar with the resource problems, so you'd get used to dealing with the mana issues comfortably.

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Like above poster said, imo WDs have best burst damage (bears at 236% each at 3/cast, total of 708/cast, which isn't as good as wave of light, but) which we can sustain very well with high mana regen.

If you check my profile (with my crappy vit gears and ls skorn :O), you can see that I have +20 from zuni's, which is by far the best set for WD. WD can have mana regen on OH, MH, Helm and Zuni's, so you can have a total of ~95 regen from gear alone. Combined with passives, you can easily keep your bears going for quite a while, and as such is better imo than other class burst attacks (like wave of light).

Also like above poster said, with the right skills going you can have you int above 4k, maxing out your AR and boosting your damage, although GF only works well on low mps since it's dependant on globes.

The most frustrating thing about WDs is that they have 2 main issues: the mana, and the lack of large speed boosting skills. You can use two skill slots to have jaunt and stalker, which boost your speed by 70% for 3.5 seconds, but unlike barbs, monks, or DHs, we don't have nay long term speed skills or passives.

On EDPS: if monks have their 30% buff from flash and 15% from light, and they have an attack of 2.5, with 110% dmg from fists of thunder, vs. the WD's 708% from bears with 25% (Harvest is between +20% and +50% dmg, since it's based on int), not including other things like Gruesome Feast, Voodoo, or things like Cyclone, WD wins. Unfortunately, monks can tele to target while WDs have a hard time hitting things in open levels like crater, but hit many more/cast than monk in depths 2.

However, having played all the other classes, WD is by far the best. It is the most versatile and free class, not being confined to always NEEDING specific skills. We don't HAVE and mana generating skills, and as such, can pretty much use any skill as the main spam skill.
Anywho; roll one, have fun, come back, tell us thanks.
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Honestly, WD have the worse of "e-DPS" of all classes. No matter how good the number it looks, we're limited on mana to do real damage. IAS is a main dps affix and it benefits every classes but WD (except 0dog).
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Wow thanks folks, you really put a lot of time and thought to your responses and I very much appreciate that. Good to see the WD community is so helpful. I haven't played the WD since I think November, I completely forgot they don't have mana-regenerating primaries. I regret now not understanding the WD better as I had vendored last month a 1100 DPS 2H +Int rare with socket and LS on basis that it wouldn't sell for much and my Sorc didn't need it. I was so used to prefering APS on each of the other classes that it never occurred to me perhaps it would be OK to go 2H on WD without any IAS on my gear. Oh well

@Paul, that's a great compilation you linked, I have plenty of reading to do!

Cheers all, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions once I play around a bit
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