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New WW barb looking for advice

new to barb. I have this offhand that I got when I was running archon wiz. Now I have given it to my barb. Is it good for ww barb? Should I get something with str cd and os? Keep it? What's next?

Knowing that my offhand is so expensive, is it too good for a ww barb offhand? Should I look for something different given my current gear? I'm a confused newb barb.
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don't go the life on hit route, Go life steal and that is my best advice
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02/24/2013 06:46 AMPosted by MooseJuice
Switch ur weapons, MH ur sword and oh ur ef

Even though I lose the CC bonus?

Also, is it even worth it to go full IK Set given my current gear?
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stack ias on ur gear. with ur ef u need 34% ias to hit 2.5 bp fully buffed.
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OK, i stacked some more IAS. It that good enough?
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here ya go
read up and have fun
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So, If i am reading this correctly:

My Main hand is currently here:
2.22223-2.50000 aps - 8 fpt - 7.50 tps - 150.00% dps - 23 ticks - 460% dmg
My Offhand is currenly here:
2.00001-2.22222 aps - 9 fpt - 6.67 tps - 133.33% dps - 20 ticks - 400% dmg

If i want to hit next breakpoint, i would need 6% for Main Hand or total of 14% to hit Offhand breakpoint and Mainhand breakpoint. If i get 14%, my main hand would be:
2.50001-2.85714 aps - 7 fpt - 8.57 tps - 171.43% dps - 26 ticks - 520% dmg
and my offhand would be:
2.22223-2.50000 aps - 8 fpt - 7.50 tps - 150.00% dps - 23 ticks - 460% dmg

Is this correct?
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