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Starcraft 1 vs 2 need opinions

Is SC2 dumbed down?

People have told me that Blizzard and ubber gameplay has gone the way of the dodo.

And that SC2 is very dumbed down compared to SC1.

However this may be a good thing since I can barely play RTS and have to resort to Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

However I am trying to learn SC2 but I heard you can never be good at SC1.

Need opinions.
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Not really dumbed down. More like... different. There is countering now, so instead of just building 1 type of unit and swarming your opponent you have to build based on what your opponent is building.
There are more options to play now, however. Instead of being forced into ranked like before you actually have to option to play unranked or just against ai.
SC2 has improved a lot over the past year + and with the new hots units coming out i think the experience is going to be even better!

SC2 also has a giant library of custom games that are fun to play too if you can;t get back into the RTS genre.
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sc2 is WAY BETTER than sc1
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well thanks for the inputs. I will continue to try and improve my skills.

Once I can get better at SC2 I will buy it right now I am using the starter edition to practice since its free and has everything I need.
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02/26/2013 09:28 AMPosted by JOHN
Is SC2 dumbed down?

No, it's not really dumbed down. What they did was take a lot of the places where BW fell short and simplify them, which in my opinion is a good thing.

A big step forward for sc2 is the ability to select hundreds of units (I think they uped the max selection from 255 as well O_o) rather than the 12 max unit selection in BW. Of course the graphics are 300x better and the gameplay is more fluid, and they've made the interface nicer while staying true to BW's old interface style.

In all honesty, even though I played SC 1/BW a lot, there is no possible way I could go back. They've improved so many things in SC 2 that I didn't realize that I hated when I was playing BW.
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I enjoy SC2 more than SC1 now too.

I'm looking forward to Kerrigan's story...
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In my opinion, Starcraft II plays better thanks to the improved UI, however this only highlights the flaws in it's Rock > Paper > Scissors balancing system, and how little Blizzard learnt from Broodwar.
Terran are easily the best designed of the three races, with clearly less time paid to Protoss, and Zerg in particular - a side effect of breaking the game into three retail releases.
The drastic unit changes in HotS only highlight the fact that Blizzard really isn't sure how to move the game forward in any meaningful way, so I doubt it'll come together into something actually better than Broodwar until the last expansion is out.

Broodwar was better designed overall, however a lot of it's gameplay faults were hidden behind the UI, so most players never really got a chance to experience them because simply commanding your control groups effectively was enough to win a good percentage of public matches. If it were as easy to control as Starcraft II, it's problems would be more in your face like Starcraft II's are.
Broodwar is still the better game, in my opinion.
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go get to top 50 grandmaster on the korean server, then ask us if it is "dumbed down"
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playing SC1 and SC2 i believe they are fairly consistent, SC2 is of course a bit different, but in no way dumbed down imo.
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