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WD's resource management with IAS

sorry i can't help myself. the cold day in hell thing is hilarious...and i know this will be read sooooo....

um, since you play a witch doctor I am sure you understand that IAS(increased attack speed) is not the best stat for them. and you also must notice that we are the only class that has main attacks that use up our resource instead of generating it like every other class(wiz is free), barb on hit and when hit, dh on attack, monk on hit.

and the more IAS we stack the faster we run out of mana. do you guys plan to fix this? like, how come my monk attacks faster and replenishes spirit faster, without having to worry about losing spirit from attacking too fast but my witch doctor I have to throttle all the time. we are the only class where it is a glaring issue. has anyone on your side noticed? is this intended?
sorry, i couldn't make it to ask the developers because im an adult and i have a job. but this golden opportunity i am not going to waste. thanks for your time

We’re aware of the unique resource challenge that Witch Doctors face, and how that can affect the desire for IAS. I would say that IAS is still valuable for Witch Doctors, but that value scales heavily with effective resource management, and that’s intentional.

Grimiku's response ^^^
Is there a way we can get mana regen to scale with IAS? someone had that awesome idea. i think it would be great. Thoughts? Its intended. so its not gonna change.
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Some points were raised in that thread that you can contemplate and comment on.
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Ive posted about this in a cpl other spots but IMO its well worth repeating endlessly. IAS works well with the rush of souls build (rush of essence + well of souls but really any spirit barrage rune you want to use will suffice). The 49 mana return over 10 sec stacks so the higher your attack speed the more of those returns you can stack in a given amount of time. For it tho you need mana stats on as many pieces of gear as possible. My current setup is 4 piece zuni set (head, body, ring and feet) 14 mana regen on my knife, a thing of the deep for the max mana and mana regen together, and a stone of jordan ring with max mana. It takes some timing to work it right but its extremely powerful when done correctly. To see it work open your inventory, go to details, scroll down to mana regen, spam the skills and watch it stack.
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the only way that i know of to have mana to scale with ias gear is spell reduction affixes. a 12 mana bear reduction at 1 aps is 12, at 1.5 its 18, at 2 its 24. the only problem is that asside from the mojos, the only other source for them are on stone of jordan but you must forgo any defencive stat that could be applied. mojos with desired redux are insanely expensive because its one of the few sources you can get with other desired stats. my best guess would be to incorporate more mana redux items but i doubt that will ever happen.

i didnt include z dog gear in that picture but they do have to give up potential stats as well to reach their desired build.
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