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So where do I go from here with 230 million?

I just hit level 60 on this character on Friday night and used Archon's 50 million guide to build my CM/WW wizard. I decided to make him my main and sell all my monk gear. So far I've sold two pieces and have 230 million to spend. If I drop the prices on a couple pieces I'll easily have over 600 million to spend but for now I have 230. I just don't know where to go with my upgrades to get the biggest bang for my buck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hey there. I'm not sure which guide that you are referring to, but here's a link to mine. And in there is a link to Boozor's video series, which is nice:

You are severely lacking in attack speed and all res. Also, you're a little light on armor and have a little too much life. You need to be thinking (for starters):
2.73 AS
4500+ armor
700 all res
close to 50 CC

You're going to need Inna's pants and a AS Zuni Ring to get to the 2.73 AS breakpoint. Which isn't usually recommended. Boozor has more experience, I'm sure, gearing with Zuni Set. Mempo and APOC Will is another (very expensive) option. I'm sure he'll chime in here in a minute or two. He'll have more ideas.....depending on which gear of yours is the most worthwhile to keep and work with.
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Add me online, I got a couple sets going on right now, but if your interested in re-working some of your gear, we can chat a bit.

I'll be online in a couple hours.

cheers PH as always.
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Thanks for the info. The guide I was referring to is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ud6NiYUy7c.

I'm still reading up on AS and break points but I'm currently sitting at 2.52 with the enchantress which should be the second break point if I understand correctly? Roughly how much more IAS do I need to reach 2.73 and where can I find it? My resists are sitting at close to 550 and I know I can find more elsewhere fairly easily.
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The three major breakpoints are 2.5, 2.73, and 3.01.

so, 2.73=1.65x
x=1.654...round to 66. So, 66 IAS to reach the 2.73 breakpoint.
You're at 50 IAS, so you need 16 more IAS.
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02/26/2013 01:57 PMPosted by PieHole
So, 66 IAS to reach the 2.73 breakpoint

1.78+ IAS wands you use 54% which has 9 as a factor meaning more efficient gearing.
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