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Wizard experts...Help me with my build

Hit Paragon 100 with my monk recently and looking to start building up my wizard. Can you please give me some advice on my build and gear to help me level?
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skills wize :

look up my gear and stats its fun and actually alot more viable than most people thinks, if you can squeeze archon in the skill build its all better for you but i prefer not. it might change in the future tho.
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Your Wiz is not bad, but you need Arcane Power on Crit if you're going to run your Critical Mass / Whirlwind build.

You will need 2 pieces:

1) A Stormcrow and
2a) either a Chantodo's Will with APoC + your current source, or
2b) a Triumvirate with APoC + your current weapon.

I would lean more towards getting a new source, your sword is nice.

The Stormcrow will get you to 1,400 life on hit, 1,200 is universally agreed upon in these forums to keep you surviving with the CM/WW build, I believe. As far as APoC, you need at least 19 APoC for that build to work properly.

Obviously, the best items are pricey. Good luck.
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Go for CMWW with an IAS wand, It will last you till you reach a 5b gear budget and Farming high MPs is generally more fun.
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02/26/2013 08:55 PMPosted by Comrade
Go for CMWW with an IAS wand, It will last you till you reach a 5b gear budget and Farming high MPs is generally more fun.

This. I have OS just sits there in box. Too expensive to make work right. Most make work wrong which is why they have less DPS and EHP than me while spending twice the money.

IAS wand setups cant be beat until ~3-5b in gear.

Actually IMHO they can never be beat at any budget because you can never have 3.0 EHP as you can with IAS wand. Addicted and Darshu are 275K DPS and 600K EHP with 90% mitgations with their ias wands @ 3. Impossible with OS because u must wear terrible lacuni and terrible Inna.
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