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Most helpful and educational D3 Stream. (News)

(News, worth 1.5B sets giveaway tonight, and will ID 4B gold worth good legendaries on stream on Sunday, 95% will be giveaway)

Hello everyone, my name is Todd (Wizard) and I stream with CDXLIV (barb) and Phoenix(Monk and DH)at www.twitch.tv/cdxliv with our Mod Team Niller, Phoenix, Chaz, Tangos, Dutch, Bobo.

You might have seen our educational Monday segments and our charity events. here is a list of our stream content: http://www.reddit.com/user/cdxliv/submitted/

Here is the armory link of our mods and stream team:

For the players who are new to our stream. Here is little introduction about our stream.

Our streamers and mod team are mostly focus on educational stuff for D3. We do educational Monday every week. Helping D3 players to economically and efficiently gear up for all classes. Our mod chaz do lots of theory crafting. He does a lot of studies and experiments about max exp or efficient loot farming for all classes. We do lots of giveaway too throughout the week, some sets/items are donated by our viewers. We have given away worth over 20b gear during last 5 months. We try to maintain a positive community where everyone helps each other out. You can come hang out in our chat, a lot of our regulars viewers are always doing farm runs or uber carries and will pick up other viewers for carries, or just looking for people to farm with. Some even hang out in chat when the stream is offline.

Here are some upcoming events:
Saturday are "Free Set Saturday. this coming Saturday March 9th, We will have an 500m+ monk set, 800m cm/archon set(mp8-mp10), 100m Archon set(mp7-mp8), also 200m DH sets and 100M+ WD sets. Over 10 more budget set for each classes(farm mp3+ efficiently).

March 10th, Legendary Sunday.Id over 4B gold worth legendaries(over 300). 95% giveaway after id.

March 11th, Education Monday for WD, 10m, 50m, 100m Zombie bears WD.

Here are all the educational Mondays with their respective documents and VODs.

Set Build Tuesday(now available), Gearcheck Wednesday(now available), Jackpot Friday are coming soon.
Welcome to our stream and have fun.
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great stream... most players would benifit from giving it a view.. very helpful and informative

kudos guys
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i love todd!... #1 fan boy lolz :D
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great stream an even greater community :p
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100 Worgen Rogue
Posts: 28
i watch everyday to stalk the activities of the streamers. Im talking about you Phoenix!
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very helpful stream!
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These guys are great and really help you out if you have questions! Also the free giveaways are nice :P
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Things to watch:

1. Todd's "so sad" moments
2. Dutch's trolling trolls
3. Phoenix's mood swings :)
4. Chaz's random builds :) (ruined barb for me)

woot :)

Seriously, this stream is one of the best out there. Very good community, educational forums and viewer interaction. This would be the place to go if you need help and the place to go if you want to help people and give something back to the community.
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Wicked job guys, eh! Glad I came across your stream. Educational as well as entertaining.

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need to win todd's shorts
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you're doing it wrong if you aren't watching this stream.
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this is the most helpful group of guys that streams have to offer not only do they teach you what they know but they put endless hours into there stream and viewers. The things they have tought me are priceless and have brought this game and my game to a whole new level. I truly believe that without this group i would not currently be playing as well and have enough knowledge to help those who only need to ask. TY so much guys mad love and respect for everyone of the mods streamers and all who have given so much and ask for so little. Also to those who dont watch the stream all I can say is..... So sad
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A friendly bump, i'm a newcommer to the stream.
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Just wait! Dutch and I have enough points to make Todd Sing.
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Bump it. Bump it up! Todd quit losing ur car
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so sad...almost lose my car...wahahaha
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Better than kongors' stream, inigos' and archons' all put together. Plus i won 100 million gold watching these guys right before christmas, thx again and happy bing!@#$ing
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what yemd said
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02/28/2013 08:55 PMPosted by NhojCire
what yemd said

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