Diablo® III

Which piece of BoA gear should I craft next?

I know the pieces I have are pretty good, thus why I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should try to 'upgrade'. Which of the pieces can have better rolls?

I'm currently doing Vault of the Assassin > Black Canyon Mines > Road to Alcarnus runs, and I have a ton of demonic essences.

My in-game stats are as follow:
300 lowest AR
44k HP
3881 armor
147k DPS
45% crit hit chance
457% crit hit damage

And my spirit regen with everything up is at 16.something.

Anyway, I feel like my amulet could have rolled better by doing away with the super low AR and the 43% gold, but I feel like the other rolls would be really hard to beat.

My shoulders are basically a much better version of most Vile Wards; I guess the only thing I could improve on that roll is the vitality?

I feel like my bracers are also pretty sweet; I don't really see where those could improve. Maybe a bit more crit chance? I don't know.

Finally, my gloves. I definitely feel like I could get a better roll, but the dex is already really high and so is the crit chance and damage. But, if I get something similar with 60+ AR instead of the poison resistance, would it be worth it?

Like I said, I just don't really know what I could improve with.
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i say bracers personally.
All your crafted gear is quite good but i say your bracers have the most to improve on. Low vit and CC.
Alternatively you could aim for ammy. It has high CC and CD but the other rolls are either low or insignificant.
If you have over 100 DE i'd go for ammy myself. To bet your current its going to probably take quite a few attempts but def the piece you can improve the most although the hardest. Bracers probably be easier to improve, although still hard but you probably wont notice the gains as much.
Your gloves and shoulders are really good rolls, only thing missing on your shoulders is higher vit and gloves could use some AR but really i dont think they're worth it.
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