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I don't get multi-platform negativity

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I'll have to agree to disagree. I've always taken the position that consoles are better for some kinds of games, while computers are better for others. I also can't get behind the notion that somehow Starcraft is the pinnacle of depth and complexity in gaming. It probably doesn't help that we're talking about wildly ambiguous terms.

Back to the actual topic here: the negativity comes from the community here wanting someone to blame for Diablo 3. The anti-console argument very loosely fits the facts, and it's easier to think about than Blizzard trending downward or gaming having fundamentally changed.

If you can acknowledge that consoles are better for some games while PCs are better for others, than why can't you accept that a PC game designed for cross platform may be compromised?

Sure, it *might* be compromised. But I think that's a weak cop-out of an explanation that doesn't account for other likely possibilities. If you're using a VERY narrow focus and ignore the fact that Blizzard has been trending downward and that gaming has significantly changed over the last 10-15 years, then it's much easier to blindly blame consoles for Diablo 3's problems.
A PC game that can be portable to console is a dumbed down game that can be played with a few buttons.
I think there are a few legitimate concerns with this - I think for me it's more a reassurance that direction Blizzard/Activision is taking with the game does not match the direction I wanted the game to follow - a personal choice if you will and totally respectable.

There are obvious concerns with this move, some in the past, others in the future - did a significant amount of resources go into this, did any design decisions reflect this, will any design decisions going forward take the console audience (a different crowd I might point out) into consideration, is this going to be an endpoint of sorts for the game now that it's on console, does this reflect a new business model for Blizzard? I know diablo and starcraft were released on console, I played both when they came out, but I think it's safe to say that video games are a different thing than they were back then, and one can't help but feel this decision smells of Activision.

In the end it's all conjecture and we'll never know, hence while I'll stick with my original point, it simply doesn't rub me the right way personally and I'll quietly move on to other games. But that decision is a complex one and this is really only one part of the decision.
I prefer PC games. I grew up on console games. It's just absurd to say some consoles UI are superior to PC. They're pretty simple. Some games take advantage of the hardware. Depends on the company developing the game. Nowadays those games are few and far between.

I've seen people play this game with 360 controllers already. There really isn't a lot of depth in this game. The gear upgrades are usually filled with more stats. It's not like D2 where you could ditch x skill to wear y armor to get that skill along with others possibly. There's really no imagination around the loot and the gear is tuned to the AH. That's the core of the problem to me. The dupes, bots, ect are just as bad.

I personally don't care if it releases for consoles. I won't play it. I just highly doubt it'll be cross platform. Also you're silly if you didn't see this coming. The imagination stopped after the combat system was made.
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If you can acknowledge that consoles are better for some games while PCs are better for others, than why can't you accept that a PC game designed for cross platform may be compromised?

It's more like consoles are better for some games while PCs are for pretty much any games due to it's flexibilities.
I wouldnt care if blizzard released a new console for d3 and you had to kick start the damn thing. If i dont like it i wont buy it. . has a NICE day Air ah buddy. Really what i care about is the price of ammo lately. Crazy high right now, i just wanna go shoot my pistol :(
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They got tired of whining about whatever else was the hot topic of the week and moved on to this. Give it a week or two and they will be whining about something else.

Yes, this is the mentality of the D3 forums. You'll never hop on here without someone b******* about something even if it's about an improvement to the game.
Not really agreeing with the statement that the original game design was console oriented. D2 was ground breaking....back in 2000. Fast forward to 2013 when games usually fail to capture someones attention for more than 20 to 30 hours. Games have evolved since then obviously. Companies release short games that have sequels appearing 1 year later. Not speaking for myself but today's gamer doesn't want to think about the game too much so blizzard had to compromise. Not paying attention to where stat points are distributed or what skills are chosen WILL affect the experience. I loved build diversity in d2 but the same diversity can exist in 3... you just don't have to start from square 1 every time. Unless you consulted with jamella that is... Even still the console versions interface is nothing like the pc.
I don't think most people on here are dumb enough to think that a console version is the whole reason for what we have received(although some were dumb enough to think that it was just Jay Wilsons fault). It's more like them "finding" a new small piece to add to the big puzzle and allow them to vent. For as many people that might like this game, it's hard to argue with how much negativity is out there, it's not often that a CEO of a company makes a public apology. Despite the few areas D3 did improve in, disregarding the fact that blizzard has patched quite a bit and will continue to add,it does seem like a rather large group feels that most areas went backwards which includes myself.
LOL @ Consoles surpassing PCS i lol'd when i read that... well you obviously dont have a 4000$ computer
Hey don't hate on the console version.

At least they can have offline play mode and LAN. Not that anyone actually uses LAN on PS3 anyway.

Blizzard can finally fight the botting issue too forcing botters to buy multiple playstations

See Blizzard does listen to their players!
I really do not care who Blizzard make the game for. It is their product and can do what they please with it.
You see, the thing is, OP.

You're an adult.

But not in this way: http://youtu.be/gAYL5H46QnQ?t=32s

So you tend to view things more reasonably. As opposed to, well... y'know.
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I'm excited, I can't wait for the control, evasive action, and 4 person single screen. :)
6 pages of crying and pointless arguments and I am surprised nobody took a step back and looked at the bigger picture: PC market is dwindling, it has been doing so since the advent of all the portable devices, its biggest killer being iPad, IMHO. Even myself, being the die-hard PC enthusiast for the last 20 or so years, always burning cash on latest greatest upgrades finally came to realize that except for RTS type games there is hardly anything that I cannot do in the same (or better) fashion on PS3 (racing games anyone?) or iPad (everything else). So much so that until D3 came out I don't remember when was the last time I played a PC game (Starcraft 2 and Supreme Commander were the last...).

Still not convinced? Look at Windows 8. Is this an interface meant for mainstream PC? Whatever happened to Aero and high demand for decent GPU? Microsoft being the biggest driver behind PC sales all these years came to realize that times have changed. Everything is about portability and instant access now, something that PCs cannot offer. As much as I like to have state-of-the-art PC at home I can find less and less reasons to spend the money for my next upgrade, since most of the things I used the computer for were replaced by a phone, iPad or PS3.

Now, back to cross platform games. StarCraft or any RTS will suck on a console, because of the auxiliary devices you use. The best example was an attempt of resurrecting Command & Conquer series on PS3. There is just no way one can efficiently control the action on the screen with so many button configurations. Hack and slash type of games will thrive on any console though. Dungeon Hunter is a great example. Me and my daughter had a lot of fun finishing the game on PS3 while I was waiting for D3. I think D3 will be a great port as well. I might even buy it, so I can play together with my daughter again. Before you jump to my throat to strangle me for a blasphemy, count how many buttons you actively use on PC playing D3. Six. Seven if you play ranged. It is going to work just fine on any console.
the argument of pc games ported to consoles can be better illustrated through a business standpoint.

as a business, the company can stand to alienate a percentage of pc gamers while aiming for multiple platforms to make up that difference in lost revenue from the pc gamer base. so, it is in the best interest of a business to increase sales through multiple platforms while ignoring that percentage of disgruntled pc gamer base.

on the other hand, what pc gamers are left with is an inferior pc game that was originally designed with multiple platforms in mind.
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