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Being outbid by myself in AH.

EDIT: Short version of bug follows:

-Place bid on AH item. Ensure bid is significantly greater than current winning bid.
-Go to Auctions tab. Select auction.
-Select "Bid." Place minimum allowable bid (more than current winning, less than current max).
-You will receive an outbid notice. You will receive the new bid back. You will not receive old bid back.
-You will be listed as "Not Winning" the auction. Any subsequent bids less than original max bid will result in outbid notice. You are now bidding against yourself.
-Place bid higher than original max bid. You will receive original max bid back, without outbid notice.

- Basically, placing a bid between current winning bid and your own maximum bid results in leaving the "ghost" maximum bid behind, and you are now bidding against yourself.

- Suggestion: If a player places a bid between their own current winning bid and their own max bid, ensure that previous maximum bid is returned to player (to allow downbids to current winning bid).


Placed 27M bid on item. Minimum bid shoots to 15M (there was another bidder previously).

Heading to bed, decide I want to bid more on the item. But I have 27M locked up in the current bid. But I notice that it will allow me to create a bid of just 15.75M, so I think to myself that maybe this is a way to allow players to lower their max bids, provided nobody else has bid the item up (I was wrong, but this is a separate issue I'll address at the end).

So I bid 15.75M.

I get an "outbid" notice, and my 15.75M back. My bid on the item now shows as 15.75M, and "Not Winning."

I bid again, minimum upbid. Outbid notice. Bid goes up, still "Not Winning."

I have NOT received my 27M back at this point. I quickly figure out what's going on here.

Bid 40M. Get a "Bid Accepted" notice, and my 27M back. Minimum bid now at just over 27M. When I placed the 15.75M bid, it left behind my "ghost" bid of 27M, and I was now in a hot bidding war....with myself. I'm calling this a bug. I have no idea what would have happened if the auction had resolved with that "ghost" bid as the winner, though I imagine I'd have gotten the item...but had no idea until it happened.

On a side note, the main problem here is that there's no way to increase a bid using available funds if you've already bid more than half your stash. Like, if my current max bid is 40M, and I have 20M in stash, I can't increase to 60M. Can't be done. Because my 40M is "locked" into the bid, but I can't use available funds to up it...just place a whole new, higher, bid. This is poor design. And apparently also leads to bugs like the above.
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Not hatin or anything but, at least u can bid on the AH....
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True, true. ;)
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I would say this is poor design on blizz part but you are not bidding in their way so partly user error. Their system follows eBay where you throw a max bid up and the system automatically handles min bids up to the stated max bid for you. You are thinking this is a forum auction where you just want to be top bidder and thus lower your bid when the system already handles your min bid so you couldn't really go lower bid and win unless you make the mistake that you did
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I probably should have left my critique of their auction house design off, and focused on the bug (which is why I added a short version). The fact that it allows you to put in a lower number (and in fact defaulted me to this lower number) is a bug, as is the behavior that follows.

As for how the auctions work, the issue is that unlike eBay funds are placed in "escrow" until the auction ends...and you have no way to add funds. If you have bid 20M, you cannot bid 10M "more," you can only bid 30M, and only if you have 30M more in addition to the 20M.

On eBay, if I have bid $100 on an item, I can up my bid to $200 on that item, without needing to have $300 available.

This is very, very poor design on Blizzard's part. And probably part of what leads to bugs like the one I detailed.
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Part of this mess would have been avoided if game designers/developper would have taken into account my feedback about "Not outbid myself Warning" from my Ideas_Compilation thread here:
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