Diablo® III

Lucky with crafting lately, whats next?

Last week i rolled mid to higher tier items, super lucky and stoked!

(needs more cc, + avg damage would be nice)

(loving everything, just missing life % and some strength)

(just needs a bit more cd and attack speed)

So, being that all of these items have brought me up to 186k unbuffed, what should i craft to upgrade next?

I am thinking... shoulders?

Also, what gear do you think i should upgrade? I am thinking trifecta gloves, and some 5% crit lucinis, but now im moving into 150m upgrades each :( which i could craft those with just a few simple essences!
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can you tell the hellfire and amulet crafting lords to toss me a bone! :)
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the shoulders can go 330 vit 300 str 80 ar and % life on top of that i believe which is what im still working on
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@ orwell does the 330 v / 300 str roll occur on Archon of Vitality only?

btw, your ammy is INSANE
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I'd like to think that RNG is simply a way of saying do it a bunch of times and it'll come out nice eventually, but screw RNG. The luck some people have is annoying the hell out of me lol


My amulet was the only thing worth crafting so far.
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Tokenflip u need 1% more attack speed. Will help tons.
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@ acrimonious. Not all of it is luck man. A high school kid or a community college young adult will have the ability to play over 8 hours more per day than a working professional. That's just frequency. I see people saying they farm like 150+ essences on a weekday, if i buckle down and use all my nightly free time for farming i can maybe accrue 40-60.

@colsa ruim, 1% will give me max as in wotb? I have a ring that has 1% more attack speed but no strength, and less avg damage. i think i loose 4-5k damage with it. would the 1% increase in as help that much?
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02/25/2013 10:56 AMPosted by tokenflip
@colsa ruim, 1% will give me max as in wotb? I have a ring that has 1% more attack speed but no strength, and less avg damage. i think i loose 4-5k damage with it. would the 1% increase in as help that much?

Ur just 1% short of the breakpoint for the off hand, if u could get that without changing other stats that would give u 150k more tdps, from 1.2 mil to 1.35mil, that is a lot, i think even with the loss of 4-5k sheet dps, i think it would be an upgrade in tdps.

http://www.d3rawr.com/d-QC3jy <-- thats ur profile with 1% more ias i put on ur bracers, u can edit and see how it looks like tdps wise with ur other ring. :D

EDIT: u will produce more fury too.
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I've been very lucky myself, crafted my ammy in less than 30 tries and my gloves in less than 20. It's kinda a shame neither rolled IAS but at least it means I can drop a bit of stats somewhere else to get that IAS up.
Crafted 30 vit shoulders last night and got some pretty sick RNG teases, including a shoulder with 130 str(ugh), 250 vit, 74 AR, 600 total armor and if I remember right also 8% life.

I see a lot of people saying they have crafted 200+ of one recipe and gotten nothing, but 'getting nothing' is subjective. Every time I see someone saying crafting is useless it's someone who already has sick gear and 250k+ stat sheet dps unbuffed expecting to get upgrades for their 200m/slot gear after dropping 15m.
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