Original msg :
Hello, I lost my perso in hardcore .. I start playing with my character and suddenly I had no control on my perso. I could not do anything, my perso didn't move. All my control (mouse and keyboard) functioned very well but my character did not want to follow. My computer was not frozen, there was no lag … At 25% of life I put the game on hold to see if there was a bug who had just arrived. After 10 minutes on hold, there appeared a message telling me that my connection to the game was lost (the game client to the server is disconnect)javascript:;I played more than 500 hours only with my perso and something like that is never happened. This is a bug in the game and I want my perso who is dead.Thats not a fair way to die

this guys was talking via live chat with blizzard gamemaster while his game was on hold... how can he lost the conection if he was able to live chat with blizzard at the same time... that totaly stupid... i think its easyer to lock post than fix those bugs..