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I lost gear while attempting an achievement

I was attempting the "The Hero's New Clothes" achievement by myself and the last piece of gear I was removing before my follower would kill Azmodan disappeared and it was a Mempo of Twilight, is there anyway I can get that back?

the Mempo had 452 armor, 190 dexterity, 48 fire resist, 73 to all resist, ias% by 8, 12% to life and it had a star ruby in it. I took a screen shot of my profile to prove that I did have it but it's no where to be found.
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I'm curious though.

Did you accidentally drop it on the ground and died (had to restart the event)?
Were you holding the item in mid-air when your follower killed Azmodan?

If it's the first one, the event reset if it is failed, everything on the ground vanishes. If it's the 2nd one... well, you should definitely make a report.
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In other words, no you are pretty much screwed.
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I smell item duping.
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02/26/2013 07:20 PMPosted by Risen
I smell item duping.

this item is to bad to be duped, just a normal mempo.

That never stopped people before.
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he probably dropped it during all the gear swapping (ie: follower kills, quest ends, closes inventory screen, your item was still on the cursor. you clicked, it dropped on the floor. scene ends)

hero's new clothes etc achievement should be done using a follower with like 50k hp and 9000 dps. totally doable cos I done it. now with craftable amulets and hellfire ring. its ever easier. my scoundrel has like 84k hp and so forth.
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I had the helm scrolling over my inventory when I died and when I respawned the event it was gone...oh well
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and that my friends is how you dupe an item.
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