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Need help with Gear / Aim & Direction

Me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kozu-1747/hero/688763

Over the past week or so I've been switching back and forth between key farming, MFing on low MP, and just screwing around and trying to get my paragon level up a bit. I've traditionally been a big mf fan (stemming from d2lod) and can't quite figure out what is the best way to go about things.

I currently have about 130m and recognize that I have a lot of gear shortcomings that need to be addressed. I don't know what I should seek to upgrade first or if I should just spend it all on one solid upgrade vs multiple. I've looked at the gear from a lot of extremely well geared cm/ww wizards and I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea as it sets presently unrealistic gear goals to achieve. Regardless, there are a few things I need to get settled.

1. What to upgrade first? I need more IAS / CC. I'm fine with playing a less tanky less forgiving style until I have better gear later on.

2. Chants or a rare weapon / echoing fury with triumvirate?

3. I've got MF on various pieces of gear. I don't know if I should abandon this and try to replace it with a better roll on that stat slot. I feel that any consistent mf I have may increase my chances of finding stuff valuable enough to sell to in the long run provide myself with enough income for better gear.

4. I don't know if I should try my hand at crafting amulets/gloves in hopes of getting a good enough roll that I don't have to buy anything from the AH or if that's not really a realistic thing to do at my point in the game.

Any and all responses to this will be welcomed and appreciated. I've made posts like this in the past and have always been appreciative of people sharing their knowledge and experience :)
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Logical order for gearing CM/WW

2.Helm/Source SC / Mempo / Rare which would pick the source
3.Ammy Pants which would pick the Loh
4.Ring/Boots and the LOH and the Nat set/Zuni come in
5.Armor Gloves Bracer IAS EHP or CC top ups
6.Belt Shoulders No Choice - WH/VW

IAS would be better then OS/CD for your budget

02/26/2013 09:38 PMPosted by Kozu
crafting amulets/gloves

Bracer is the easiest to trump Lacunis.
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Yeah I wish my budget were more lol. I plan on trying to grind paragon / mf and hopefully get enough gold to gear up quickly. Even if I'm getting gear I'll end up replacing in a month or two, if it helps me get there quicker that's I guess the main thing I wanna shoot for.
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02/26/2013 10:10 PMPosted by Kozu
Yeah I wish my budget were more lol.

I am pretty sure unless you reach silly amounts of gold , I can design a gear build with IAS better then OS for the same amount of gold.

Dont fall for the CD/OS trap =)
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