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ASIA TEAM Invitation

Hi Guys/Ladies,

Just a small intro, ASIA team was formed 5 months ago with the aim of providing players around Asia to play together at the same timezone in US server. Currently, we have over 100 team members and its a private group with players from all 5 classes. Even if you are not from around Asia, but play around GMT+8 timing, we will also welcome you.

Earlier thread when we started:

With 1.0.7, came PVP and contents from crafting. We would like to extend invitation to players who would like to pit their skills against similar fun-loving players. We share information among the group whether on skills builds or anything under the sun.

However, there are some requirements for your characters before we can accept you into our team.

PVE Barb with passive skill - Ruthless, WeaponMaster:
Attacker build 200k dps, 50kHp 2%LS 450AR(UnWarCry)
Tanker build 150k dps, 60kHp, 5%LS 580AR(UnWarCry)

CM wizard
150k dps 4000armor (unbuffed) 650 AR (unbuffed) LOH 850 , HP 40k, APS 2.73 (Edited)
Archon Wizard
300kdps (buffed)
300kehp (roughly about 500AR 3karmor)
lifesteal on weapon
if no LS on weapon:400k+ dps (buffed)
Ehp 450-500k

FoT/TC, SW/Cyclone monk 100k dps, 4500 armor(buffed), 500 allresist(buffed) 40k hp.
120k for Duel, 190k for 2her w/ sustain.
Also needs at least 3% LS if Duel and if 2her, needs LS on their skorn.

Witch Doctor
200k DPS unbuffed , Allresist 500 , 45k hp

Demon Hunter
240K DPS without SS
40K HP
450 AR

As you can see, the requirements are quite specific as we would like our future members to tackle mp8 and above with no problem, and all of our team members are of this or above this standard.

If you meet these requirements and wish to join ASIA team, please post in the classes thread, our volunteers will assist you. Once we have see that you have met the criteria, we will add you into our Facebook group.

Demon Hunter


Witch Doctor

Whirlwind Barb

CM Wiz
Archon Wiz

The team members will be around the class forum to answer any questions.

*But please make sure to post on this thread to voice your interest in joining. This will reduce the time it takes for us to get you into our group.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you can join us.
Thank you.
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it would be nice to get some kind of reward from blizzard when brawling. 2 hours of bonking each others head at the chapel gets pretty old real fast. But no, i guess its too hard for them to code it lol!
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add me :D
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here there..i'm from malaysia and interested in joining you guys..though i think i'm a bit low on AR..where i'm about 400-500 varies..lol..hook me up if u think i can make it

p/s i also have monk and WD that i find fun to play and upgrade them when gold is available..do check them out if they are qualified.. cheers!
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add me!
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hook me up
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I wish to join too and I am Asian too :)
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Dear Zanxius, MrKingKock and AbysSeraphim,

Kindly all 3 pls add me in-game, I will process the invitation. Welcome to the team.

Note: MrKingKock, seeing that your DPS and HP are over the criterias by some margin, it will compensate for your AR as it is a little below requirement right now, but work on it, you can do it.
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Add me =D
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Add me thanks.
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Dear Rogerwtf,

Welcome to the team, kindly add me in-game. Will process from there.
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Add me, thanks!
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I'm interested
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Dear Greenlink,
Currently the DPS is quite low, or are u using your normal gear? The resistance and armour is good.

Dear Psychon,
Welcome, pls add me in-game.

Dear RommelTorres,
Currently the All resist is low even with perfectionist, or are you using your normal gear in profile?

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thats my mf gears lol
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thats my mf gears lol
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add me
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Demon Hunter240K DPS without SS40K HP450 AR

add me if you want me,

i only have 350 AR
but i have 62k hp before the 18% gem
376k dps with calamity ( no SS or STeady aim)
429k dps with manticore ( no ss or steady Aim)
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